Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Dustin was an Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service mercenary who was killed during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident enacting "Operation: Emperor's Mushroom". He is a caucasian male, wearing standard-issue U.B.C.S. tactical combat apparel. He was a member of a squad, under Nikolai Zinoviev's command, ordered to capture or destroy Thanatos in order to retrieve a blood sample.

The plan proved to be nothing more than a distraction, as Nikolai collected the sample, leaving Dustin and the entire team to die at the hands of the now-berserk Thanatos.


His character skin is first unlockable in Resident Evil Outbreak and given the generic name "U.B.C.S. 2". A named version of his skin is in the standalone expansion. He is a Kevin-type character. His stats are as follows:

  • An above-average vitality of 2600-3000.
  • An infection rate of 1.53%.
  • A movement speed of 0.90.
  • A damage multiplier of x1.21.

He starts in FINE condition with 15 handgun Rounds.[1]


Dustin with a U.S.S. operator.


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