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Duty Officer was one of the survivors of the 2002 global T-virus pandemic. He was an Umbrella security officer at the underground Tokyo base.



Duty Officer killed by Wesker.

When the facility was attacked by Alice and her clone army, beginning with the deaths of Sniper 1 and Sniper 2, Duty Officer was in the control room. Believing the loss of contact to be a radio problem, he neglected to inform Chairman Wesker until half an hour later. Eventually relenting, Wesker was informed and took full control of the handling.

As they witnessed Captain Hotaka and his unit being killed through a camera feed, Duty Officer was ordered to detonate the surface charges which would destroy the building above, potentially eliminating the attackers as a threat. Duty Officer refused the order due to soliers being in the area. He was summarily executed by Wesker with a Desert Eagle.


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