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"BSAA, DSO, TerraSave. You still think you're fighting evil syndicates like Umbrella, saving the world, et cetera, et cetera. (...) Hardly. The huge corporations and the corrupt execs that run them... the ones getting big, fat bonuses for maintaining the status quo? That's who you work for, who you really protect -- and the innocent will continue to suffer as long as you do. You're nothing more than pawns, suckers."
— Dylan's monologue to Chris, Jill, Claire and Leon.[1]

Dylan Blake (ディラン・ブレイク?) was a former mercenary hired as an off-duty Umbrella Security Service operative to assist their garrison in neutralizing civilians and evacuating high government officials and Umbrella Corporation executives during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. After the mission went awry, Dylan was forced to murder his friend, JJ.

In 2015, he would become a bioterrorist known for his involvement in the Alcatraz Island Outbreak, planning to reset society through a modified t-Virus and recruiting María Gómez to his cause.[1]


Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)[]

"Frisco isn't going anywhere anytime soon, JJ."
— Dylan to his friend and fellow operative, JJ, shortly before their arrival at the Raccoon City blockade.[1]
Death Island 2-5

Dylan and JJ in Raccoon City border

Blake and his close friend JJ were members of a private military firm that was hired by Umbrella Corporation to serve in Umbrella Security Service during the 1990s. In 1998 the duo made plans to visit San Francisco but their plans got canceled due to them being called in to help deal with the 1998 viral outbreak in Raccoon City. Arriving at the city the mercenaries was ordered to assist the garrisons there with both quarantine and the evacuation of high ranking government officials and Umbrella executives.

Unfortunately the mission went awry when the team was overwhelmed by the rioting at the city barricades, leading to most of the unit being infected. Blake and JJ became the two remaining uninfected operators with the former tending to the wounded and desperately requesting extraction and immediate medical attention, but received orders that extraction would be denied unless the duo euthanized their comrades. Blake and JJ then began to argue about the morality of killing their comrades with the former believing that they could be saved. The argument eventually led to a brawl with the two of them wrestling over a gun as the infected soldiers began to zombify and smash through the dividing window. Despite Dylan's best effort, JJ successfully gained back control of the gun and used it to defend the duo against the horde while Blake, who was left on the floor, screamed for JJ to stop.

Death Island 29

Dylan holding JJ at gunpoint

Distracted by Blake's scream, JJ was bitten in the neck by one of his former comrades. As the room was now cleared of any hostiles, Blake contacted HQ to request immediate extraction, informing of their situation and JJ's bite wound -- only to be denied once more. Realizing the situation at hand, JJ immediately attempted to wrestle the gun from Blake's hand, with the former having his leg crippled in the scuffle. Despite this, Blake successfully regained the gun and held JJ at gunpoint, who all the while begged for Dylan's help. However when the gun failed to fire, JJ realized that the gun was empty and began rummaging throughout the floor in search a weapon. Having run out of ammunition, Blake was thus forced to bludgeon JJ to death with a nearby steel crate.

Sometime after, Blake was extracted out of the city prior to it's sterilization, but became mentally unstable, suicidal and developed complex post-traumatic stress. Blake soon began to harbor a deep resentment towards corporate greed and a philosophy of moral nihilism: believing that there can be no such thing as justice in a world where such corruption and suffering is allowed to exist. In moments of decision, Blake would often begin tapping his cane to the same tempo in which he had killed JJ, playing a game of Russian roulette with his revolver and letting odds determine his fate.[1]

Later activities (1998-2015)[]

"Arias and I did a lot of business together, so you could say we were kind of close. And since you murdered poor Maria's father, I thought this was a good opportunity to settle the score. For both of us. Right now, they're probably cheering us on from the afterlife."
— Dylan to Leon S. Kennedy on his relationship with Glenn Arias.[1]

During the War on Terror, Blake became involved with A-GUA Industries, the commercial front for a crime syndicate led by Glenn Arias, a rogue former CIA agent involved in the black market trade of bioweapons. At some point, Blake used his connections to intensely research the Division of Security Operations, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and TerraSave, exposing corruption within each agency and coming to blame them for prolonging and intensifying the War on Terror. Blake took specific interest in Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy, fellow survivors of the Raccoon City incident who had since joined several military and government agencies and had since been involved in dozens of bio-terror incidents worldwide in the years since, considering them to be 'pawns'.

In 2014, with the death of Arias and Diego Gómez in the New York bio-terrorist attack, Blake and María Gómez took over Arias' operations. Whereas Arias sought revenge against the United States government for the death of his wife in a CIA-orchestrated drone strike, Blake sought instead to "clean the slate" of society with the engineering of a non-transmissible t-Virus strain, enhanced using Arias' A-Virus and harvested from Licker Larva. Blake and Gómez would begin to develop experimental mosquito drones (programmable bioweapons enhanced with military-grade robotics) as a vector to infect individual targets, who could later be euthanized without causing an outbreak.[1]

San Francisco Serial Murders and Alcatraz Incident (2015)[]

"There is a torture device called "The Bull of Phalaris", it was a bull made of bronze. You put a person inside, light a fire under it, then sit back as the bull heats up and slowly burns the person inside alive. So elegant. You know, the man who made the bull died in it. That's some debut. Now that our guests have arrived, it's time to debut our creation."
— Dylan, to María Gómez upon the arrival of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield to Alcatraz Island.[1]
Death Island 30

Maria and Dylan at the armoury

In 2015, Blake successfully kidnapped DARPA robotics engineer Dr. Antonio Taylor with the help of Gomez and paid mercenaries. Blake threatened Dr. Taylor into to helping with accelerating the research and cultivation of the drones. Thanks to his aid the drones completed the prototyping phase and were given a test run. Tourists visiting Alcatraz Island were used as the initial test subjects, and were infected with low viral loads during their visit. Shortly afterward the resulting increase in cannibalistic murders around San Francisco quickly drew the attention of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, San Francisco Police Department, and the release of the Megalodon bioweapon into environmentally-protected waters drew the attention of TerraSave as well, just as Dylan predicted.

Death Island 31

Dylan's endless roulette.

During an investigation on Alcatraz launched in the wake of these events, Blake correctly identified the presence of Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Claire Redfield and released the drones with a higher viral load to a trigger a faster transformation in specifically targeted individuals among the tourists. The prison site quickly turned chaotic as infected tourists started killing others and seemingly uninjured individuals were the target of quick infection much to the trio's confusion and leading them to fail to save the tourists. Additionally, Blake ordered the release of the Amphibian Lickers into the sewers beneath the prison in case anyone might try to enter or escape the island through the sewers. While Dylan was observing the chaos, Dr. Taylor took the opportunity to flee from capture. Meanwhile DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy arrived at the island after hearing recent intel of Taylor's location in Alcatraz. Kennedy subsequently partnered with Valentine after she had become separated from the Redfields in the prior confusion with the tourists and together the duo uncover Blake's secret base of operation hidden deep in the prison's former munition tunnels. Before the two can begin to examine the control room in detail Blake unexpectedly contacted the pair and beckons them to return to the prison compound where it was revealed he had captured Taylor, as well as the now-infected Redfield siblings.

Death Island 25

Dylan and Maria revealing themselves

Shortly after the group reunites in the compound, Blake finally reveals himself and Gomez to be the culprits and has everyone but Valentine and Taylor infected. Blake then reveals his intentions of cleansing the world. In further proving his point, Blake points out of Kennedy's continue willingness to work for the government despite their countless cover-ups, Claire working for an NGO organization that only provides relief after-the-fact instead of using direct action to target and counter bioterrorism before it occurs, and Chris, for continuously losing teammates on every mission and yet bringing in more people to replace them. Sparing Valentine from infection, Blake forces her to relive the same experience he did: presenting her the choice of killing a zombifying Claire or allowing Dr. Taylor to die at her hands. However seeing her unwilling to make a decision, Blake shoots Taylor in the chest himself and leaves Valentine on the run with Blake and Gomez moving onto their final stages of the plan which involves the release of the drones around the world.

Death Island 33

Fusing with Megalodon

At the armory, Blake orders Gomez to open the facilities floodgates where he summons the Megalodon bioweapon before heading to the old submarine pen. Along the way, Blake is confronted by Valentine who he proclaim his intentions and desire for atonement for his actions of murdering JJ before injecting himself with the virus and falling into the pen where he is eaten by the Megalodon and merges with it. As this was going on Leon, Chris, and Rebecca Chambers arrive in the submarine pen with the former two having been cured thanks to a vaccine brought by Rebecca. The group arrives just in time to see the resulting giant abomination from the merger, "Dylon", which proves to be a formidable foe easily withstanding the combined group's subsequent attack on him despite them having access to Dylan's huge stash of conventional smuggled weapons.

Death Island 17

Dylon faces the group

During the fight Valentine discovers an experimental next-generation plasma rifle and used it against the mutant Dylan, finally dealing substantial damage to the creature and separating him from his lower half. Despite the damage though the mutated creature still survived, causing Jill to attempt to charge another shot, however, due to the weapons long charging time, before she could do so Jill was attacked and the weapon destroyed. As Chris and Leon rush to Valentine's aid, Claire and Rebecca manage to escape the fight and hack into the drones and target the creature's body, injecting it with high dose of the modified t-virus, which causes the creature to begin to decay and breakdown at a rapid rate. Dylan then attempted to escape to the open waters, and thus infect the local water supply but Valentine distracted him long enough for Kennedy and Redfield to assemble an artillery missile launcher. As they finish, Valentine calls out Blake for his inability to deal with his own guilt before diving into the waters and strapping bags of grenade onto his mouth. Kennedy and Redfield then fired a missile at the gate's release mechanism which immediately drops it onto the creature and pins it in place. Unable to move, Dylan was subsequently blown to pieces when the grenades strapped to him explode thus putting an end to his rampage.[1]

Legacy (2017-2021)[]

In the years following the Alcatraz Island incident, Chris Redfield would become far more critical and disillusioned with the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. The evolving state of biowarfare under decentralized groups such as The Family and The Connections and the increasing presence of Blue Umbrella mercenaries (such as during the Baker House Incident) combined with Chris' prior history with the FBC and TRICELL, seemed to confirm Blake's accusations of blurred lines and institutional corruption.[2][3]

Following this, Redfield would take control of the elite Hound Wolf Squad and become fixated on a manhunt for Miranda. In response, the BSAA would issue several strongly-worded warnings, condemning Redfield for his behavior.[2] Finally, during the Village incident in 2021, Redfield and his unit would discover the BSAA's use of bioweapons as soldiers on the battlefield and the group would end up going rogue.[4]



Raccoon City (1998)[]

Alcatraz Island (2015)[]