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The EX Files (EXファイル EX fairu?) are a series of in-game files found exclusively in the Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2.

The files serve to bridge the gap between the events of Resident Evil and 2, while also introducing plot elements from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, and the cancelled Resident Evil Zero (N64 version).


There are 16 files scattered throughout both the "A" and "B" scenarios. Unlike the standard files in the game, only 8 are present in either scenario. The files share the same location in each scenario, regardless of who the player is controlling.

All "A" scenario files will be carried over to the "B" scenario upon completing the game. However, upon completing the "B" scenario, all files will disappear from the inventory and will have to be obtained again.

In the official localization, all 16 files are given a number (which lists them out of order). The following table disregards these numbers and lists the correct order.

File Location Scenario
Robert's Note

Re264 EX Robert's Note location

Behind the desk in the gun shop after the cutscene with Robert Kendo. A
Dario's Note

Re264 EX Dario's Note location

Inside of the briefcase on the bus, near the front entrance. A
Jill's Note
Re264 EX Jill's Note location
On top of Jill Valentine's desk inside of the S.T.A.R.S. office. A
Jill's Report

Re264 EX Jill's Report location

Inside of a file cabinet in the File Storage Room, next to the Ink Ribbon. A
City pamphlet
Re264 EX City pamphlet location
Bookshelf on the second floor of the library, near where the floor collapses. A
David's Letter
Re264 EX David's Letter location
On top of a desk in the East office, closer to the back of the room. A
Journalist's Note
Re264 EX Journalist's Note location
On top of the table in front of the 2-way mirror in the Interrogation Room B. A
Umbrella Memo
Re264 EX Umbrella Memo location
On the gurney in the B4F experimentation room, near the entrance. A
Mercenary's log
Re264 EX Mercenary's log location
On a hot dog stand at shopping district east, indicated by an item "sparkle". B
Brad's Note
Re264 EX Brad's Note location
In the Police station front entrance's lower walkway, on the ground. B
Rebecca's Report
Re264 EX Rebecca's Report location
On top of Rebecca Chambers's desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office. B
Chris's Report
Re264 EX Chris's Report location
On the exam table in the Torture chamber. Leon must backtrack to find it. B
Op Instructions
Re264 EX Op Instructions location
In the alcove of the east side sewer, held by the U.S.S. agent on the left. B
Want ad
Re264 EX Want ad location
Inside a cabinet in the Monitor room passage, next to the monitors. B
Mother Virus Report
Re264 EX Mother Virus Report location
On a desk in the P-4 laboratory. B
Progress Report
Re264 EX Progress Report location
The B4F culture room after registering both fingerprints in the B5F computer room. B


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