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The East Slavic Civil War was a conflict that took up much of the Eastern Slav Republic's history, divided between the East Slavic military loyal to President Svetlana Belikova with corporate support, and the pro-independence forces who sought an end to the oligarchical rule of their region. The latter stage of the conflict was referred to by pro-government forces as the "War on Terror", or otherwise "anti-terror campaign" (対テロ戦 Tai tero-sen?).[2][excerpt 1] The war is also noted for the joint-participation of American and Russian forces to end the conflict, which ultimately led to the ousting of President Belikova.


Damnation - Belikova at her desk

President Svetlana Belikova was fiercely opposed to independence.

The causes of the war can be found in its recent history, arising from the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. As with the other breakaway republics, the East Slavic Republic suffered from a weakened economic and social infrastructure. Eastern Slav regained economic stability by redeveloping itself into an oligarchy, a power structure whereby power is vested in a select few, either from prominent families or simply being rich citizens. After several years of living under this rule, disenfranchised citizens launched an uprising to force political change towards a more egalitarian society. President Belikova successfully ended the insurgency through diplomatic means, giving autonomy to one of the poorer Cossack regions of the country where its citizens could live with limited government interference. The devolved assembly for the region, the Council of Elders, administered the region under Ivan Judanovich.


Government interference[]

While the uprising's end brought acclaim to Belikova, the European Union and United Nations were concerned with having Eastern Slav take seats, preventing the country from prospering in the international community. This led to more pessimistic attitudes towards the autonomous region, only made worse when massive quantities of oil were discovered. In November 2010, government forces entered the region intent on gaining the oil for themselves. With Judanovich's militia's resisting, Belikova declared the military operation to be a counter-terror operation in order to justify its actions. The United States and Russian Federation, with interests in the country, sided with and sponsored the government, with the Americans sending in CIA agents to investigate the rebels. The military's initial fight with the rebels was disastrous, with an accidental attack on a school working to radicalise more citizens.

Use of bio-weaponry[]

As a way of fully justifying the government crackdown, Belikova drafted a plan to provide the rebels with its own supply of bio-weapons acquired from TRICELL. With bioweaponry internationally banned, any army's confirmed usage would lead to widespread condemnation. A large group of Licker B weapons were provided to the rebels through the use of a front company, Med Yuriy to hide its government connections. Alongside these was a variant of the Plaga parasite. The dominant species of these Plaga were designed with an intentional flaw where the host would slowly lose self-control. With the only initially-evident benefit being the ability to control Lickers, militia leaders were more than willing to use these Plaga, ultimately losing control of their bodies and attacking their comrades.

By February 2011, President Belikova offered a secret compromise with the of the Council of Elders, promising them a share in the oil profits for them ending the rebellion. The majority of the council agreed in confidence, bar the idealistic Judanovich who continued the rebellion. This was ultimately part of a plan to destroy the council; having offered the compromise after the supplying of the Plaga, the leaders were expected to succumb to the parasites and perish, destroying the entire rebel leadership and ending the war with a decisive government victory. It was planned to be disclosed after the war's ending that the rebel leadership was executed by its own army before the war's end, a means of explaining their total disappearance.

In February 2011, the United States and Russia became aware of the rumours of bio-weapons being used in the war. In accordance with the American "Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol number 7600", Division of Security Operations (D.S.O.) agent Leon S. Kennedy was sent into the nation to obtain information from one of the CIA contacts, a man codenamed "Scarecrow". Upon his arrival in the country, the Americans stopped supporting the war and began ordering all American citizens to leave the country immediately while new policy was discussed. Kennedy refused to leave the country, going-off the grid to continue his investigation.

Rebel offensive in Holigrad[]

With Judanovich refusing to compromise, the rebels continued to engage government forces in the capital city, leaving much of the city's outskirts in ruins as they faced tanks and door-by-door inspections. After killing the CIA agent "Scarecrow", Kennedy was taken prisoner by Judanovich and taken to the rebels' underground tunnels while he; Alexander Kozachenko and "JD" discussed what to do with him. When the government forces discovered their hide-out under a house, the four were forced to flee, with Kozachenko being forced to kill Judanovich during the escape as the Plaga took control. Kennedy and JD worked together to escape the underground, discovering that the other rebels had already succumbed to the parasite. Worse, it was found that Plagas were reproducing, leading to ordinary civilians and some soldiers becoming mindless hosts.

Kennedy joined the remaining rebels at a church where the rebels began preparations for an attack on the Presidential palace. Kozachenko, the assumed leader of the remaining rebels, meanwhile went out to obtain a dominant species Plaga in order to control the Lickers for the attack. Kennedy left to search for him upon hearing of the plan, but failed to stop him. Both returned to the church to find it compromised by the Ganados and the rebels having killed each other. Kozachenko was forced to personally kill JD after his head was destroyed by a parasite.

Ada Wong's investigation[]

Unbeknownst to the American forces, National Security Adviser Derek C. Simmons hired an agent of the Chinese underground, Ada Wong, to take part in her own investigation and to acquire a sample of the Plagas for research purposes. Having a difficult personal relationship with her, Ada was kept unaware as to who her employer was.

Ada entered the Presidential Palace under the guise of a UN representative and adviser to the Bioterror Safety Assessment Alliance (BSAA). Belikova kept close tabs on her, and made inquiries to the BSAA when a night's disappearance got her suspicion, the reason being a failed attempt to secure Kozachenko's Plaga and a warning to Kennedy of Belikova's plans to destroy the city.. As she expected, the BSAA denied any adviser of that name being in the country. In her next meeting at the Presidential Palace, she was arrested as a suspected Russian spy,

Attack on the Presidential Palace[]

The following morning, Kozachenko made it to the Presidential Palace's outer perimeter, ready for the planned attack on the building, disinterested in the Plaga's inevitable effects on his body. Sending out an army of Lickers - stored in trucks meant for transporting honey - the soldiers guarding the perimeter were quickly-eradicated, allowing Leon to sneak in, though still not an ally of Kozachenko. Making his way down to an underground facility, Leon and an escaped Ada confirmed that Belikova was behind the terrorist attacks in her own country, using the secessionist movement for political gain and then killing them off to remove witnesses. At this point, Kozachenko and his Licker army attacked the facility, quickly killing off the remaining soldiers, with only Belikova and her personal secretary surviving, having retreated behind shatter-proof glass.

President Belikova had two Tyrants activated in order to take out Leon; Kozachenko and the Lickers, though the two survived at the expense of the Tyrants falling down an elevator shaft. A third Tyrant attacked them when they reached the surface, finally being defeated by a tank commandeered by the two. The first two Tyrants succeeded in reaching the ground floor, only to be destroyed by US fighter jets, allowing agent Kennedy and Kozachenko to successfully depart from the palace despite not capturing the President.

Joint Russian-US re-offensive[]

With the two Tyrants' destruction, agent Kennedy became aware that the US had re-entered the war, now on the side of the pro-independence fighters, having retrieved intelligence that it was Belikova's regime that was developing and arming themselves with B.O.W.s. More surprising was the revelation that both the United States and Russian Federation, putting aside their tense rivalry over Eastern European relations, had taken joint-action in intervening in the war. In their joint-invasion, the remnants of the East Slavic armed forces became Prisoners of War due to their association with a state sponsoring terrorism. Belikova's regime collapsed shortly after the invasion when she was ousted.


The events in the last days of the conflict led to the BSAA opening a case file on Ada Wong, wanting her for questioning. This suddenly disappeared from their records soon after. By December 2012, knowledge of her had returned to blankness, as Carla Radames successfully used Ada as her cover during the BSAA actions in the Edonian Republic.

The events of the ongoing war reached even as far as the remote Sein Island in 2011, where a Russian news broadcast proceeded to report on the ongoing events of the war and even alluded to rumors of BOW usage from both sides.[3]


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