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Easter Slav Republic

The Eastern Slav Republic was a country in Eastern Europe formed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Its capital is Holigrad.[1]


Breaking away from the Soviet Union in 1991, the Eastern Slavs at first embraced capitalism as a new way of life. Unfortunately to its old-style rulers, what they had feared became fact: the country became an oligarchy - run by the rich and privileged - who had reached such political influence through capitalistic means. Eventually, the poor and impoverished rose up in a revolution, seeking independence. After several years, the republic's new and first female president, Svetlana Belikova, became more lenient on the rebels in the hopes of limiting their damage. However, in 2010, it was discovered that the rebels' land had large supplies of oil. Seeking commercial domination in Eastern Europe, Svetlana had the military restart their assault on the rebels under the guise of an anti-terrorism strategy. Unable to fight the oligarchs evenly and fairly, some rebels turned to the usage of B.O.W.s in warfare. Due to the then-rumoured usage of B.O.W.s, the historic mutual-intervention of both the United States and the Russian Federation ended, when the United States pulled out.

The instability within the Eastern Slav Republic also lead to the destabilization of a similar situation in the Edonia Republic, leading to the Edonian Civil War.[2]


Like all countries that were part of the USSR, the Eastern Slav Republic initially ran on a communist system as a Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR). And after the Soviet Union broke up into multiple different countries, it made the transition into capitalism. This resulted in a massive wealth gap in which the rich controlled the country on a political scale.


The region, like other parts of Eastern Europe, is dominated by chernozem, a very fertile soil. Due to this, it was known for its agriculture and, due to this, also beekeeping. In the early 21st century, these regions were subject to the unearthing of natural resources.[3]



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