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The Ebola virus is an RNA virus endemic to the Ebola valley in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The Ebola virus was discovered in Africa in 1976. Highly infectious and with a mortality rate of 90%, it spawned international concern over the possibility of a deadly pandemic. Umbrella Pharmaceuticals was granted permission by the US government to take a sample of the virus to the Arklay Laboratory for vaccine research in 1978, with research overseen by Dr. William Birkin and his colleague, Dr. Albert Wesker. Fascinated with the virus' potency, Dr. Birkin extracted immuno-suppressant VP24 and VP35 from the virus and merged them into the genome of a modified strain of the Progenitor Virus present in the lab. This new virus, part of the wider "t-Virus Project", was able to evade a host's immune system and thus prevent the immune system from killing the host.[1]

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