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(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)

Echo Six, all characters

Echo Six is an elite squad in the Special Forces branch of the United States Army. The unit consisted of six members, each one recruited for their exceptional skills in a variety of fields. In September 1998, the Umbrella Corporation lost control of its top secret t-Virus, leading to an uncontrollable pattern of infection throughout Raccoon City. While both Umbrella and the U.S. government dispatched their respective forces to contain the incident and neutralize the spread of the Virus, Spec Ops Command deployed Echo Six into Raccoon City in order to discover the causes of the outbreak.

In addition to their initial objective to rescue civilians, Echo Six was also tasked with searching for any incriminating evidence that could potentially implicate Umbrella in the destruction of Raccoon City. Thus, their reassignment led to numerous encounters with Umbrella's B.O.W.s and Security Service soldiers.


  • Dee-Ay (Crispin Jettingham) - Assault; Team Leader.
  • Willow (Caroline Floyd) - Recon.
  • Harley (Erez Morris) - Medic.
  • Party Girl (Sienna Fowler) - Surveillance.
  • Shona (Lawrence Kimbala) - Field Scientist.
  • Tweed (Marissa Ronson) - Demolitions.

Echo Six Campaign Missions[]

All of the Echo Six campaign missions are DLC exclusive, the first one is free to download but downloading of the remaining six are charged at $9.99 (or locale equivalent) for three. Below is a list of these missions in order:

Further notes[]

In real life, females were not permitted in active combat roles in the United States Military in 1998. Despite this, Echo Six has three female members in their unit (including one foreign national, TWEED). The In-Universe explanation might be that the three of them are exceptional at their specialized training and skills, though the Out-of-Universe explanation might be to balance the teams out since Wolfpack has three female counterparts who occupy the "opposite" jobs from them.