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A side-view of one of the carriages.

The Ecliptic Express (黄道特急?) was a luxurious limited expressWP[1] train used by Umbrella for employee travel through the Arklay Mountains.


The Ecliptic Express was owned and run by the Umbrella Corporation, with its registry number being 7268-563-M23. On July 23, 1998, the train ran from Raccoon City to their Umbrella Executive Training School, which was being re-opened after twenty years of closure.

However, the Ecliptic Express was made into a train of the dead when Queen Leech released the t-Virus (the leeches) on the train, and the Arklay Laboratory on July 23, 1998. The train was quickly overrun and all the passengers - Umbrella Corporation researchers - and crew were turned into blood-thirsty Zombies.

S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team member Rebecca Chambers encounters the train and enters at her own risk, not knowing about the zombies and the leeches that the train is infested with. She teams up with ex-Marine and fugitive Billy Coen to survive and escape from the train filled with zombies, Cerberuses, leeches, and the Stinger.

The train was destroyed after being diverted to the Umbrella Executive Training School, where it collided with the buffers and fell off the rails. The speed of the train was dropped by Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers, who activated the engine's brakes just before it entered the facility station.


Its interior expressed its status. The train had six carriages - a kitchen with cargo room, a bar and saloon, and four carriages with exquisite beds and a dining hall.