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Resident Evil 0 HD - Ecliptic Express exterior

A side-view of one of the carriages.

The Ecliptic Express (黄道特急?) was a limited express train service used by Umbrella USA for transporting its employees between cities. The use of private trains allowed Umbrella to ship bioweapons research specimens and documents without risk of espionage.[1] On the evening of Thursday 23 July 1998, the train was attacked and its passengers killed or contracted Cannibal Disease. An attempt by the Umbrella Security Service to recover the train failed later that night, leading to its derailment at the Umbrella Executive Training School.


At its height in 1998, Umbrella USA provided its employees with various modes of transportation designed to limit exposure of themselves and Umbrella's secrets to the public, including several privately operated shortline railroads in Arklay County. Ecliptic Express was one such service available, and was designed to primarily carry passengers rather than cargo to private stations near Umbrella facilities.[1]

In July 1998, the Ecliptic Express set out on a route taking it deep through Raccoon Forest, scheduled to reach the Umbrella Executive Training School on the night of 23 July. The purpose of this journey was to provide scientists, technicians and workers that would handle the refurbishment and reopening of the school, which could serve as a potential replacement for the Arklay Laboratory.[2][3] Just after 20:17, the train was attacked by leeches in a coordinated campaign against Umbrella led by Queen Leech, a sentient experimental organism.[4] The train came to a halt close to the Spencer Mansion, separated by a thick layer of trees.[4] Those not killed contracted Cannibal Disease and awoke as Zombies in the hours that passed. The attack quickly got the attention of Umbrella, and a USS team was sent out with orders to recover the train, but they too were attacked.[5]

Coinciding with the USS raid was the arrival of Billy Coen, a Marine prisoner who escaped after a similar attack on his transport, and S.T.A.R.S. officers Rebecca Chambers and Edward Dewey who were investigating the area for a suspected gang with ties to the occult and ritualistic cannibalism. Coen and Chambers worked together to fend off the violent crew passengers, while Dewey himself contracted Cannibal Disease and became a threat.[6] As the USS had succeeded in re-activating the train just prior to their demise, Coen and Chambers were forced to apply the brakes to prevent a derailment. This came too late, however, and the train soon passed the station and crashed into the end of a tunnel.[7]


Its interior expressed its status. The train had six carriages - a kitchen with cargo room, a bar and saloon, and four carriages with exquisite beds and a dining hall.



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