The Conductor's room (車掌室 Shashō-shitsu?) is located in the first car of the Ecliptic Express.


The Conductor's Office also has a ladder which leads directly up to the second floor of the cart. To use the ladder, you must first press the button which is flashing next to the door that leads out of the room.


To access it, you must first find the Conductor's Key located in the Dining car. Items located within the Conductor's Office is the Conductor's Briefcase (in the cupboard), a map of the train, a Green Herb and a Red Herb. There is also a File you can view. Pressing the switch will cause a ladder to drop down.


Location Localization Original script
The map (switch to map screen, exit to black screen) Took the Train Map.
The desk These appear to be documents pertaining to train operations. They're scattered all over the desk and floor.
The closet (view closet, pick item screen for Briefcase)
The closet after taking the item There's nothing else here.
The red switch There's a switch here. Flip is? (options: Yes / No)
The red switch after using it It's a switch for raising and lowering the ladder.
The ladder Climb up the ladder? (options: Yes / No)




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