The dining car (食堂車?)[1] was located at the back of the Ecliptic Express.


The kitchen was based on the lower level, while the dining room, itself was based above. The adequate transportation of food required a waiter. It is otherwise known as a 'restaurant car', based on the sign overlooking the door in Second Class passenger car A.


Upon entering the room, a scene plays where Rebecca re-encounters Billy where she insists she doesn't need his help. The automatic door will initially be unusable because there is no power going to it. Continuing to the back of the second floor will cause a scene to play where a Leech Man awakens and attacks Rebecca. Fleeing to downstairs or actually defeating it will then cause a scene to play where Billy saves Rebecca from it. The train begins to move and the two then agree to work together and Billy gives Rebecca some Handgun Ammo. The player will also be given the Player's Manual 2 and will now be able to control Billy. After reconnecting the cables on the Fifth car roof the automatic door will work.


Location English text Japanese screenshot Japanese text
The automatic door while the power is out "It looks like an automatic door. There's no power now, so it won't open." 150px
Billy while he stands by the door (scene plays where he spitefully encourages Rebecca to go alone) 150px
The tables (F2) "A half-eaten meal sits on the table." 150px
The counter (F2) "The counter is littered with slips of paper listing customer's orders." 150px
The door to the pantry while it is locked (door knob jiggle) "It's locked from the other side." Biohazard 0 - Dining car examine 5
The chair the monster was sitting "This is the chair where that monster was sitting. It's covered in slime." 150px
The open window (view outside) "There's a ladder here. It seems to lead up to the roof. Climb up the ladder?" (options: Yes / No) 150px
The door to the Cargo compartment (doorknob jiggle sound) It's locked from the other side. 150px
The panel (view panel) There's an access panel here. You need some kind of tool to open it. 150px
The counter The counter is laden with various types of food. There doesn't seem to be anything of use. 150px
The refrigerator while it is closed It's an industrial-sized refrigerator. 150px
The shelf The shelf is full of cooking utensils. There doesn't seem to be anything of use. 150px
The window It's still raining as hard as ever outside. 150px




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