The exterior corridor (外通路?)[1] is the external part of the engine. It was here that the U.S.S. Delta Team was killed by Marcus' leeches.


This section is an L-shaped walkway, wrapping around the engine.


Upon first entering players can't go back until they enter the Operator's Cab.

Machinegune Ammo 20% (only if E rank on Leech Hunter has been achieved)

The two delta team corpse will wake up and act as zombies once the player returns to here after going in the Operator cab and the countdown starts.


Location Localization Original script
The exit steps One side is covered in slime.
The railing The train is quickly picking up speed.
The engine The engine is completely destroyed. There's no way to fix it.
The door to the Second car passage You haven't finished searching the driver's compartment yet.




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