The Operator cab is an area of Ecliptic Express in Resident Evil 0.



At the front of the train, the control room controls the train.

Upon entering the room, a scene will play where Billy and Rebecca realize they need to stop the train. The player then receives the Brake Operation Manual. Then the player must choose weather Rebecca or Billy will stay behind to activate the breaks followed by a scene where the other character explains they will go to the other end to help activate the breaks. A timer will start counting down from 3 minutes 30 seconds once the player regains control.

Once the player completes the break control puzzle on the Rear Deck, they will then control the character who remained in this area and must the second half of the puzzle.

Once the player completes break control puzzle in this room, a scene will play where the character pulls the break level and then the train crashes. Next Billy and Rebecca will wake up in an underground tunnel. Gameplay will resume in the Tunnel.


Location Localization Original script
The door Got to stop this train fast!




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