The pantry (配膳室 Haizen-shitsu?) is a room on the Ecliptic Express, attached to the Dining car.


The role of the pantry was to receive meal orders from the kitchen on the lower level by way of a dumbwaiter. During the Marcus attack in Resident Evil 0, a hole has been cut through the roof, allowing the player access into this room from the outside.


The Conductor's Key and a Green Herb appear in this room in all three difficulty modes.[1] Handgun Ammo can be found as a box of 15 rounds on all difficulties, with two boxes being available on EASY mode.[2] EASY mode also gives the player a First Aid Spray.[3]


Location Localization Original script
The window The downpour outside shows no signs of letting up.
The door (view door and door knob jiggle sound) There's a something stuck in the keyhole. It's preventing the doorknob from turning. You could probably get it out if you had something sharp...
Using the Ice Pick on the door The doorknob is unstuck now.
The roof pieces The roof has caved in and now lies in pieces on the floor. It looks like it was destroyed by a powerful force from the outside.
The lift while it is away The service lift is stopped at the 1st floor. Call the service lift? (option: Yes/No)
The lift (view space) Place an item here? (option: Yes/No; if yes and item placed followed by;) Press the button? (option: Yes/No)
The lift while an item is inside (view space) There's an item here. (option: Take/Send)




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