The rear deck (後部デッキ Kōbu dekki?)[1] is the aft end of the Ecliptic Express, attached to the dining car.

Pulling the level will release the hookshot. One character must hold it down and the other must separate and pick up the hookshot.


This outdoor area is only used for emergencies. This area also contains the aft. emergency brake, where both the aft. and the fore. must be pulled to stop the train. This device is used to slow down the Ecliptic Express, which allowed both Rebecca and Billy to survive the crash.


It has a Hookshot hanging onto the wall, where one person must hold down a lever for another to take it out.


Location Localization Original script
The exit steps It's too dangerous. The train is out of control.
The brake controls There's a hand-operated brake here. You'll need a magnetic card to operate it.
The Hookshot while it is locked (view hookshot) A hookshot is attached to the wall. "To use, pull the level and release the lock."
The switch It's the release lever. Pull it? (options: Yes / No)
The Hookshot while it is open (view hookshot, pick up screen for Hookshot)
The level after the hookshot is taken There's no need to use it anymore.
The space after taking the hootshot There's nothing else here.




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