The saloon car is a room in Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.[1]


A lavishly decorated car on the Ecliptic Express, serving guests with a built-in bar. The car sits on the second floor of the train, above the second car passage.


After climbing up the ladder into the car, the player will trigger a cutscene after walking passed the bar.

A door at the east end of the car leads to the third car passage.

After exploring the third car passage

Walking to the center of the car triggers another cutscene, revealing the Stinger boss. After the fight, the Panel Opener can be found near the ladder on the west end of the car.


Location Localization Original script
The shelf These bottles must have fallen over when the emergency brake was activated.
The green board "Today's Specials
Mediterranean-style Shrimp
Carpaccio Roast Chicken"
The bar counter Glasses and bottles are scattered all over the counter.
The picture (Left) "Join the Party!" The picture shows a group of people having a wild party.
The picture (Right) "The Party's Over" The next picture looks like a continuation of the first: the partygoers are saying goodbye.
The rubble after the Stinger has spawned There's a gaping hole in the ceiling.
The ladder Climb down the ladder? (option: Yes / No)




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