The Second Class private room A is a room in Resident Evil 0.[1][2]


This area consists of multiple desk in front of the room with a lamp and typewriter sitting upon them. There is a cupboard to the left of the room and a bunk bed on the opposite side.


This area serves as the save room for the player to record there process. Ink ribbons can be found on the desk: a pack of six can be found on EASY, with only one appearing on NORMAL and HARD. Handgun rounds can be found next to them on EASY. On the floor between the bed and desk is a Green Herb, found on all difficulty levels. A file can be recovered from the bed.[2]


Location English text Japanese screenshot Japanese text
Cabinet There doesn't seem to be anything of use. Biohazard 0 - Second Class private room A examine 1 特に役立ちそうなものはない。
Typewriter (with ribbon) 150px タイプライターがある。調査内容をセーブしますか? (Y/N)
Typewriter (without ribbon) 150px タイプライターがある。インクリボンがあれば調査内容を記録できるのだが…




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