The Second Class private room A is a room in Resident Evil 0.[1]


Private room B consists of two bunk beds.


Items can be found in two areas: against the bed and on the desk.

A First Aid Spray can be found on the desk on EASY along with the Passenger's Diary. Handgun rounds can be pickedup off the floor against the bed on EASY and NORMAL mode. An Ink Ribbon can also be found in a coat hanging next to the door.

More items can be recovered if the player has beaten Leech Hunter. For beating with a rank "E", they will find Assault Rifle ammunition on the bed. A Magnum Revolver can be found there for level "B". A Molotov Cocktail can be found on the desk for a level "A" rank.


Location English text Japanese screenshot Japanese text
Suit (after taking ribbon) It's a finely tailored suit. There's nothing in the pockets. 150px 仕立てのいいスーツだ
Man's corpse This poor guy must have been attacked in his sleep. His body is covered in slime. Biohazard 0 - Second Class private room B examine 2 寝ている時に襲われたのだろう
Window The rain is beating fiercely against the window... You wonder how long it will last. 150px ひどい雨だ…いつまで降り続くのだろう
Cabinet There doesn't seem to be anything of use. Biohazard 0 - Second Class private room B examine 4 特に役立ちそうなものはない




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