The Third car passage is a corridor on the Ecliptic Express. It is the top deck of the third car, the lower deck of which is Second Class passenger car B.


While the lower deck is for second class passengers, the upper deck is reserved for first class passengers, and contains two rooms for first class passengers who wish to remain in private. A staircase at the end of one side of the car leads to the second class seats, while a door on the other side leads to the first class saloon.


At the start of the game, a clutch of leech eggs will block access to the saloon car from the second class passenger car. They will hatch after the player visits the First Class private room B, leaving the paths unblocked and many leeches crawling around the area.


Location English text Japanese screenshot Japanese text
The diagram by the stairs It's a diagram of the train's layout. The label reads "Passage to First-Class Cabin." Biohazard 0 - Third car passage examine 1aBiohazard 0 - Third car passage examine 1b 車輌案内図のようだ
”1等客室通路” と書かれている
The counter There's an antique-style phone. The line has been cut, rendering it useless. Biohazard 0 - Third car passage examine 2aBiohazard 0 - Third car passage examine 2b アンティーク調の電話がある
Any pile of leeches They look like some kind of eggs. A puddle of slime has formed around them. Biohazard 0 - Third car passage examine 3aBiohazard 0 - Third car passage examine 3b 何かの卵のようだ
The trolly It's a room-service trolley. The trolley is still loaded with plates and bottles. It must have been in use recently. 150px
The green board "Welcome to the Ecliptic Salon! Please join us for a moment of relaxation." 150px




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