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The Edonian Civil War was a conflict that took place in the Republic of Edonia, fought initially between pro and anti-government factions within the military, and later between the Edonian military and the Edonian Liberation Army supported by foreign mercenaries. The conflict drew to a close in 2013 following the deployment of BSAA forces when the ELA was confirmed to be in possession of bioweapons banned by the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.


Like much of Eastern Europe, Edonia transitioned from a Communist state to a liberal parliamentary democracy following the Revolutions of 1989. This transition was however not without its setbacks, as elections resulted in no one party commanding a majority of seats. Governments as a result became seen as incompetent, being unable to provide coherent domestic policies.[1] In 2009, the government was led by a pro-EU party, though its other political positions are unknown.[1]


First phase (2009)

In 2009, elements of the Edonian military launched a coup d'etat, seeking to rule the country through a junta. In spite of their early gains in seizing the city hall, the plotters failed to detain ministers, preventing them from taking over swiftly. The general population responded to the coup with apathy and hostility towards the government, if not sympathy towards the plotters themselves.[1]

Fearing defeat, the Edonian Prime Minister ordered parliament be dissolved, leaving behind the government in a caretaker role to coordinate a response, effectively turning Edonia back into a one-party state.[1] Rather than focus on a military solution, the government began a series of domestic reforms which eroded support for the coup. In time, the plotters were tracked down and captured or otherwise killed.[1][2]

Second phase (2009-2012)

Though decapitated, those soldiers loyal to the coup plotters continued their resistance to the government, and reformed themselves as the Edonian Liberation Army. ELA activities soon expanded beyond Edonia's borders, contributing to an already existing region-wide instability.[1] By 2010, ELA operations increased significantly, with the group being both financially and militarily stronger, and it began recruiting heavily from the country's poorest citizens already incensed by the autocratic government.[1][2] Along with its civilian recruits, the ELA also bought over mercenaries with more experience.

By late 2012, the ELA was in control of much of Edonia itself on a territorial basis. While the city hall itself was being used as a base of operations, at least one military base had also been captured, with the ELA gaining control of tanks, railway guns and planes, the latter of which they would use for parachute drops. Smaller units were also operating in the mountains, though it is uncertain if there was active fighting taking place by December.

BSAA intervention (2012-2013)

By late 2012, the conflict had earned the attention of The Family and Neo Umbrella, who had recently completed their Chrysalid Virus. Different strains of C-Virus were provided for the rebels by Dr. Carla Radames under the guise of donating stimulants. Those that took injections became intelligent mutants called J'avo, who massacred rebels who were not mutated. These developments got the attention of the BSAA in December, and a major operation took place on Christmas Eve, with the American and European branches working together to eradicate the J'avo. The UN force consisted of chinooks transporting soldiers across the city, with the ground forces divided into at least five teams based on objectives (Alpha through at least Echo). The Alpha Team lost their armored personnel carriers due to J'avo surprise attacks, the destructive deployment of Ogromans and ultimately were forced to walk through a train yard to move further. The Echo Team took casualties while trying to capture a bridge leading to the city hall, and were reinforced by Alpha Team, who assembled a team of snipers to take out J'avo while a rescue effort was made to recover injured members trapped on the bridge. A tank was also deployed by the J'avo, which ultimately led to the lower level's collapse. A rail gun was reinforced by J'avo paratroopers, though was blown off the bridge through carefully placed explosives.[3]

As the BSAA forces moved their way to the city hall, Dr. Radames sacrificed the rebel commanders by infecting them through a needle bomb, which turned them into Complete Mutants, hatching from their cocoons as Alpha Team made their way in.[3] Dr. Radames successfully escaped after luring several team members into a similar trap.[4]

US government intervention

Taking place the same day as the BSAA intervention, the US government deployed agent Sherry Birkin into Edonia with orders to apprehend Muller, who they had determined to be a likely candidate for creating a C-Virus vaccine. Unbeknownst to Birkin, the National Security Adviser Derek C. Simmons was himself involved in the creation of the virus, and the existence of a vaccine was a threat to its reliability. The two took off from outside the city hall on a BSAA flight, but both craft were shot down and the two were stalked by Ustanak, a B.O.W. sent to retrieve Muller for Neo Umbrella's own reasons.[5] Though they were able to escape from J'avo mountain troops, the two were soon after captured.


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