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Factional logo, "La Vita Nouva" is Italian for "The New Life"

The Edonian Liberation Army (Tagline: La Vita Nuova / The New Life) is a political organization and revolutionary army opposed to the democratic government of Edonia, a county in Eastern Europe.[1]



In the late 1980s, democracy was just starting to be the new way of life in Eastern Europe. However, the administration of the new democracy was confused in the change and provided the opportunity for officers of Edonia's military to a coup d'état and occupy city hall. As the Prime Minister lost favor and support of his country, he was forced to dissolve Edonia's parliament. In spite of this, the country regained some of its stature and composure as the primary party worked to strengthen ties with Edonia's neighboring countries.

The officers that started the coup remained stubborn in their goal and joined forces with other anti-government insurgents, radicals and mercenaries.

Edonian Civil War[]

In 2010, Edonia finally fell into a state of civil war.

Two years later, an unknown party provided the Edonian Liberation Army with samples of the C-Virus. Thus began the first known appearance of J'avo and the event that provoked involvement and intervention of the BSAA.


Members of the Edonian Liberation Army seem to associate themselves with the motto La Vita Nuova. The phrase is Italian and translates to "The New Life." The term was notably first used by Italian poet Dante Alighieri as a title for a work that is the first of two collections of verse he wrote. Dante's La Vita Nuova was the basis for establishing the Italian language as well as Tuscan dialect.[2]

Along with the banner reading La Vita Nuova, members associate themselves with the symbol of a black spider outlined in yellow.

Internal structure[]

Known members[]

The only named member, thus far, was Jake Muller, a mercenary hired for the group. He and Sherry Birkin did encounter several other members during their exploration of Edonia, though they were either infected with the C-Virus or killed by the Ustanak.


Members of the Edonian Liberation Army have been seen using an array of weapons, including various forms of the following.

Outside of its firearms, the ELA also employed the outdated American T42 medium tank and 1960s era C-130E Hercules cargo planes to drop off their paratroopers. Outside of these antiquated vehicles was a heavy-cargo helicopter (CH-47C Chinook) employing tandem rotors, which carried an Ogroman to a bridgehead to fight the BSAA Alpha Team.[3]