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El Gigante (/ˈel xiˈɣãn̪t̪e) (lt. "The Giant" in Spanish) is the name of a group of human-based Bio Organic Weapons produced by Los Iluminados. They stand four times taller than the average human and have increased strength and durability. However, their intelligence and thus their controllability was greatly reduced, resulting in their minimal production.[1][3][excerpt 1]


El Gigante were first produced from human test subjects during Los Iluminados experiments on the mutational effects of the Plagas on their hosts.[4] Though they proved to be exceptional as bio-weapons, they became difficult to control and were a danger to Ganados. Consequently, Los Iluminados produced only a small number of El Gigante,[1][3] spreading them around the region. Two were sent to the Salazar Castle, where they guarded the underground. Another two were sent to the village and stored within the coal mines the Ganados no longer had use for. These Gigante were released from their containment in 2004 when U.S. agent Leon S. Kennedy proved too strong for the Ganados.[5][6] Ada Wong encountered one of these village El Gigante.[7]



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