"A mask with 3 divots like something might fit inside."
— Item description

The Elegant Mask, known simply as "Mask" (仮面 Kamen?) in the original script, is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4. It is an ornate mask that becomes all the more exquisite with the addition the Red, Green and Purple Gems.


The Elegant Mask's purpose is entirely for collection. Like all Treasure items that can be combined, the Elegant Mask is intended to be held off from selling until it has been completed. This gives it a much larger selling price, overall.

Combination selling value

Combination Value
Elegant Mask 3,000₧
Elegant Mask w/ (G) 10,000₧
Elegant Mask w/ (R) 10,000₧
Elegant Mask w/ (P) 10,000₧
Elegant Mask w/ (G & R) 15,000₧
Elegant Mask w/ (G & P) 15,000₧
Elegant Mask w/ (R & P) 15,000₧
Elegant Mask w/ (R, G & P) 20,000₧


Two of these treasures can be found in the main game, with a third being found in Ada's Separate Ways side-story.

The first is found in the village stage, in Chapter 1-2. After you fight the dynamite-wielding enemies in the Factory ruins, go through the door and turn left. Cut through some boards to enter a small chamber. It is hanging on the wall.

The second is found in the castle temple in Chapter 3-2. It can be found in a treasure chest on the second floor balcony.

In Separate Ways, a mask can be found in the Village center where the player starts Chapter 1. The mask is in the one-story house opposite the larger one Leon hides in. The mask is in the back room, which is accessible by breaking the lock.



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