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For the character in Resident Evil Village, see Elena (Village).

Elena was a Raccoon City resident and nurse at the Raccoon General Hospital.


Elena was caught up in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, where a modified ε strain of t-Virus contaminated the drinking water, mutating tens of thousands into Zombies. Elena was at work treating patients when she was attacked from behind by a Zombie biting into her right shoulder. She was infected with the virus and mutated into a Zombie.


Elena is unlocked when beating the "The Hive" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak with any character on "HARD". She is part of a set of two unlocked this way, and is named "NURSE2" - Kathy being "NURSE1".[1] The set is purchased at a price of 5000 points.[2] As this same set is unlocked by default and available at a cost of only 500 points in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2,[3] owners of both games are advised to use the "Data Convert" feature to either unlock the set in Outbreak without having to play "The Hive", or to purchase the set at a lower price and carry-over the purchase.

Through hacking, the Zombified version of Elena that appears in-game can also be unlocked for play. As it was not meant to be played, further hacking is required to make him properly playable. Without this, the Zombie Elena is unable to damage enemies, and has a much slower running speed.


Elena is an Alyssa-type character and, as such, can use the lockpick and has Alyssa's other abilities such as taking Pot Shots. Elena starts with a Recovery Pill in her inventory.

Elena has a faster than average infection rate of 1.84% per minute. She has 2600-3000HP and starts in "FINE".[4] She runs at 9% slower than the normal speed, and is 16% weaker than the default.[4]



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