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Elena Lupu was a resident to a pagan communal village in an Eastern European mountain range. She was the daughter of a villager man named Leonardo.


Elena and her father, Leonardo Lupu, have been traversing around the village in an effort to get inside Luiza's House. On the way, her father was attacked by Lycans and lost a lot of blood. They take shelter in a nearby hut, when they encounter Ethan Winters, who is searching for his missing daughter, Rosemary Winters. When Ethan steps inside the hut, Elena pleads with him to quickly close the door. She is initially distrustful of him and begs him not to hurt her or her father. After Ethan reassures them that he is here to help, he manages to open the front gate where Elena hurriedly carries Leonardo to the house. Leonardo then chastises Ethan for "taking his time". Elena apologizes, claiming that her father is not used to relying on other people.

Elena bangs on the front door, pleading with Luiza to let them in, but she is however met the cautious shotgun wielding Iulian. She pleads with him to take her father inside but Iulian refuses to let them in, saying how his blood could attract the monsters. Luiza finally comes out, letting them in as "their friends".

At the gathering, Elena asks Luiza where her husband is to which she replies that he is out there getting help. Suddenly Leonardo starts to roar in pain and kills everyone in the building except for her and Ethan. Her father starts to pound on Ethan and prepares to kill him until Elena steps in and shoots her father with a shotgun. She is instantly remorseful, and Ethan tells her that he wasn't her father anymore and that she did the right thing. The two run for the garage and lock the door behind them.

Elena and Ethan manage to reach the attic by the use of a truck. Ethan points to a window as their way out, but Elena asks what will they do after they escape since the village is still full of monsters and that they can't fight them. Ethan reassures her that they will find a safehouse to put her in until he can find Rose. Ethan is sure that Rose is in the castle seen in the near distance, however Elena remarks that the castle is "full of nothing but blood and death". Leonardo then climbs through the attic much to her surprise. He calls out her name in pain and Elena quickly runs for him when the wooden planks collapses, separating her and Ethan. Ethan tries to tell her to grab his hand but Elena tells him to go and save his daughter. The planks supporting the two villagers eventually gives out, sending Elena and her father to the fiery depths below.


  • "Close the door! Please!" (to Ethan)
  • "Please, don't hurt us!” (referring to herself and her father)
  • "No, they're all in Luiza's house. And she's not answering, and the gate is locked." (when asked about other survivors)
  • "No, one of the monsters cut him! He's lost a lot of blood – we have to get into Luiza's house!"
  • "Hang on, Papa!"
  • "We must do something, quick…"
  • "If we don't hurry, they'll…"
  • "Hurry! Hurry!"
  • "He's not used to relying on other people. I'm sorry." (to Ethan, referring to her father)
  • "We'll be safe in here, won't we?"
  • "It doesn't make any sense! Mother Miranda has always protected us - !" (when asked what's happening in the village)
  • "Father!?" (seeing her father collapse in his weakened state)
  • "We have to get inside!"
  • "Just hold on a bit longer, Papa."
  • "There's so much blood…"
  • "Maybe a familiar voice… Luiza, open up! It's me, Elena!"
  • "A friend - !" (referring to Ethan)
  • "Father!"
  • "For god's sake, Iulian, let us in!"
  • "My father will die out here!"
  • "Wait, Luiza, where is your husband? Did they…?"
  • [prayer circle with other villagers]
  • "Father!" (her father is mutating into a Lycan)
  • "No – let me go!" (to Ethan)
  • "Let him go! […] I said no!" (to her father, about Ethan)
  • "Oh my god. I'm so sorry, father…" (having just shot her father to save Ethan)
  • "Father!"
  • "Leave me alone!" (to Ethan, distrust about her father)
  • "What are you thinking?"
  • "Ethan! Ethan, are you alright?" (after Ethan crashes the truck)
  • "The fire - there isn't any time!"
  • "I know. Thank you, Ethan. You're kind."
  • "I hope your family is safe."
  • "Thank god. But what then? The village is still full of monsters. We can't fight them. There's too many!"
  • "No! That place is full of nothing but blood and death! And I don't want to be alone while you're - "
  • "Father?" (seeing her father walk towards her)
  • "He said my name! Father!"
  • "Ethan, go… save your daughter!"
  • "AHH!" (falling to her fiery death)


Further notes

  • Although Elena's full name is not seen in Resident Evil Village, one of the unlockables at RESIDENT EVIL.NET shows that her name is "Elena Lupu".


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