"This revolver-style handgun functions like the Lightning Hawk but with additional damage, additional delay between shots, and a smaller clip size. Like the Lightning Hawk, the Elephant Killer is incredibly useful and should a frequent go-to when you need a powerful weapon."

The Elephant Killer is an extremely powerful Magnum Revolver that appears in Resident Evil 6. Two inscriptions can be found along the barrel. The first on the right side is the weapon's nickname, Elephant Killer. On the left side of the barrel is the inscription .30 mag.


It can be found by both Jake and Sherry in Edonia. It is found in Chapter 1 inside an abandoned building that Jake and Sherry enter to escape the Ustanak. It is in an upstairs room on a set of metal shelves. Alternatively, the weapon also appears in the basement after the fight with Ustanak if the player did not take it.


Alternate Fire None
Shots Per Clip 5
Power 1600
Critical Chance 12.5
Reload Speed C
Firing Speed C

The Elephant Killer is the personification of a magnum. Massive damage output at the cost of capacity and recoil. It can take out any common enemy in a single shot, but due to the rarity of its ammunition it is almost always reserved for bosses, such as the Ubistvo and Ustanak.

When compared to its .50 AE counterpart, the Lightning Hawk, the Elephant Killer's damage is significantly higher, but it can hold two rounds less, has a slower reload and suffers from heavy recoil.

The Elephant Killer can be counted on to put down with one shot what the Lightning Hawk cannot, where the drop in recoil makes the Lightning Hawk more forgiving of missed shots, and the capacity makes it a generally more versatile weapon.

Although it is Jake and Sherry's most powerful weapon, it can take three shots to eliminate an average J'avo in the hardest difficulty, even if one of the shots was in the head.

  • In The Mercenaries, this is the "power weapon" that Jake Muller uses in his default costume alongside his Nine-Oh-Nine (909) and Hand-to-Hand combat. It is also part of Rochelle's loadout in The Mercenaries No Mercy.
  • The Elephant Killer is used by Sherry to defeat the Ustanak during the final segment of Chapter 5. The weapon has a black finish during the cutscene.


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