"Keep an eye on the map and hunt down each and Every enemy out there. A great way to master the controls and learn to grasp various situations."
— Official description

Elimination 1 is a minigame in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It can be purchased for 2000 points after competing 2 of the 4 starting scenarios.

This scenario consists of going through several rooms and killing every enemy present. These enemies include zombies, hornbills, zombie dogs, crows and lickers. Zombified versions of the eight main characters also appear.

The players will have to find weapons located in the rooms, and as the difficulty gets higher, players will have to find a pattern to follow in order to have the guns and their proper magazines in order to survive. This is different in the hardest difficulty, as every weapon in the game is located in the hall of the university (The starting location), but the Magnum Handgun, the Magnum Revolver and the Assault Rifle are unloaded, there's no ammunition to find in the hall and ammunition in other rooms are very scarce, meaning that the player has to go back to the hall after unloading a weapon and switch.

The game has a timer of thirty minutes, and will end if a player dies or time runs out. If this happens, a "Danger" timer starts, and special scene occurs after one minute in "Danger", where the player gets attacked by an unknown creature (the same cutscene after the time is over in the Outbreak scenario).



Elimination 1 Map

Simplified map of the minigame