Elite Enemies is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Readable at the Vestibule's book by default.


Elite Enemies

Some enemies have skills that make them more dangerous than normal enemies.

You can see what skills an Elite Enemy has by looking at the icon above their heads.

Defeating an Elite Enemy will earn you more exp and gold than usual.

Powerful Elite Enemies will start showing up around the mid-level missions.

Elite Enemy Skills

1 Sprinter
Enemies that are small in size but more very fast.

2 Tank
Large enemies that deal lots of damage, but are very weak against fire, ice and electricity.

3 Burner
If you touch an enemy with this skill, you will be set on fire and take damage for a set amount of time. They are weak against ice.

4 Freezer
If you touch an enemy with this skill, you will be frozen so you won't be able to move and you will take damage during that time. They are weak agasint fire.

5 Shocker
If you touch an enemy with this skill, you will become shocked and take more damage than usual while in this state.

6 Barrier
These enemies set up a barrier in front of themselves to reduce most damage they receive, but they'll take more damage if attacked from the back or sides.

7 Healer
Any enemies nearby and enemy with this skill will regenerate health. It's a good idea to take these enemeies out first.

8 Attractor
The enemy will give off a strange light which will drag you in towards them. Put obstacles between yourself to block the effect. Keep your distance, or take them out before they pull you in.

9 Disarmer
The enemy will create a shockwave which will knock the weapon from your hands. There is a moment before the attack where you have a chance to either run away or change your weapon to something you don't mind losing. You can pick your weapon back up after you drop it.

10 Countdown
If you get within range, a death counter will start. If this counter reaches zero, you will take critical damage. Attack enemies with this skill from afar or make sure you defeat them before your time runs out.

11 Vanish
THese enemies are invisible except when they die or when you target them with the reticule.

12 Poisonous
These enemies release a poisonous fog around their legs. If you get poisoned, you will take heavy damage so keep your distance.

13 Coat of Armor
This gives enemies greater defenses but less health. Critical hits are very effective against them and defeating one earns you lots of exp.

14 Golden
Has the same effects as the Coat of Armor skill but these enemies will give lots of [gold] instead.

15 Booster
Booster will grant a new skill to any nearby enemies, so make sure to take this one out first, or you will soon find yourself in trouble.

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