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— Elliot calling for help to open the East Hall door in the Raccoon City Police Station.

Elliot Edward was a police officer for the Raccoon Police Department.[1] Edward was one of dozens of police officers trapped within the besieged Raccoon Police Station during the Raccoon City outbreak. He was ultimately killed on Tuesday 29 September.


Edward was ordered into the Raccoon Police Station around the night of Thursday 24 September, as the contaminated drinking water caused tens of thousands to mutate into zombies. He did not appear to have been involved with the last handful of officers planning an escape from Raccoon City on the Monday, most likely due to the situation being scattered and chaotic.

With the building compromised and the police having taken near total casualties, he planned a last, desperate escape with David Ford and Marvin Branagh from the building by opening up old passageways and escaping into the sewers, as suggested by officer Rita Phillips a few days earlier.[2][3]

Different accounts exist of Edward's fate. One suggests he was attacked by Zombies on the helipad, causing him to shoot down a rescue helicopter with his MP5, killing him in a fierce explosion.[4] A second account suggests he was attacked by Zombies on the ground floor and the lower half of his body torn apart.[1] If this account holds true, he mutated from t-Virus infection and, rather than dying, lost consciousness and soon after awoke as a Zombie.

Further notes[]

  • His death is censored in the CERO D version of the 2019 remake.



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