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Elliot on CCTV (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. This is an optional scene that plays in Leon (1st run) if the player examines a computer in the main hall when arriving at the Raccoon Police Station.


Leon looks through a computer in the main hall that has access to the CCTV. He spots a surviving police officer, Elliot.


Leon S. Kennedy: "There has to be someone here..."
"Not good."

Elliot Edward: "David! Marvin! You there!?"
"I found a way out! It's in here!"
"Send reinforcements! East Hallway!"

Leon: "I gotta find that guy."

Leon S. Kennedy: "まだ誰かいるはずだ…"

Elliot Edward: "デビッド! マービン!見てるか!?"
"脱出路が分かった! ここに…!"
"応援を頼む! 東の廊下だ!"

Leon: "彼を見つけないと"