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An emaciated woman was captured by a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs during the course of his convoy's travels from Washington, D.C. to the ruins of Raccoon City.


Chained to the back of the doctor's tank, this woman was forced to run as a zombie horde pursued the vehicle.  In the opening minutes of Isaacs' assault on an enclave of survivors in Raccoon City, the woman was released from her chains and managed to outrun the pursuing horde. At the last moment before she made it through the opening gates of the enclave, however, Isaacs ordered her shot by Commander Chu purely to spite Alice, newfound ally of the survivors. In the chaos of the battle that followed, she was eaten by zombies.

Behind the scenes

The emaciated woman was played by Siobhan Hodgson in the film Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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