This is about the version of the scene involving G-Virus infection where William Birkin infected Brian Irons. You may be looking for the version with Ben Bertolucci as the infected, or the eponymous soundtrack.

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Embryo into its cradle (Brian Irons) (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. This scene only plays in the Claire A scenario upon disembarking from the secret elevator.


Claire Redfield had just disembarked from the elevator behind Chief's room and was just about to turn the corner in Irons' Secret Passage. However, she then heard the police chief Brian Irons screaming in the distance.

Meanwhile, at the Taxidermy Room, Irons is horrified as an unseen entity is in the room and yells for someone to help him. Suddenly, the entity raises his arm and forces something down his mouth, with Irons continuing to scream before collapsing and passing out. It then pans to the creature, who's only discerning feature was that its right shoulder opened up to reveal an eyeball.


Brian Irons: "Aaargh! Help... me!"

Brian Irons: *ad-lib*

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