"Although small in size, a precious gem."
— Item examination

Emeralds are treasure items that are found in Resident Evil 4. They are simply small pieces of emerald. They are found once you reach The Island starting in Chapter 5-1. They are worth 3,000₧.

Maingame locations

Chapter Area Location
Chapter 5-1 Wharf A In a box on a cliff
Wharf B Behind where you climb up
Armory In a cabinet
Stairs hallway In a case
Operating theatre Next to the Regenerador
Waste treatment plant Next to the crane controls
Culture room Near a glass tube
Chapter 5-3 Machine room entry On the skylight, must be shot down
Throne Room On the Chair
Underground cavern Behind the stairs
Campsite On the ceiling of the tunnel
Chapter 5-4 Cliff On a piller
On a piller, opposide side

Separate Ways locations

chart needed



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