Emergency Situation is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is played during Chapter 4 of the Leon Story.


Simmons is believed dead. Tatchi is being evacuated safely. Things seem to be going well. However, Hannigan calls Leon and telling him Sherry and Jake have been kidnapped and taken to an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Helena remembers the data chip Sherry gave them and Leon looks at the info on his phone. The key to stopping the C-Virus is Jake Muller, who was revealed as the bastard son of Albert Wesker. Leon asks Hannigan to find the BSAA agents near the area. Helena notices something in the sky coming at Tatchi. Leon is patched through to Chris in his aircraft, who asks his location. Upon giving the answer, Leon is told by Chris to "GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!!!" Helena realizes it is a missile. It detonates a safe distance from Leon and Helena, releasing a blue cloud like the Lepotica. Moments later, zombified civilians and BSAA operatives break into buildings to eat the uninfected. People not in the affected zone run outside to safety while cars blindly crash in the mayhem.


Helena Harper: "Is it over?"

Leon S. Kennedy: "Yeah..."
"It's over"

Hannigan (radio): "Leon, we have a situation."
"Sherry and her companion were abducted."
"Our satellite places them at an undersea oil field about 80 miles from you."

Leon: "Abducted? Why?"

Helena: "The files!"
"The ones she gave us!"
"Wait a minute."
"This is the key to stopping the C-Virus. It's-"

Leon: "Jake!"
"Hunnigan, could you check and see if the BSAA has any units near the oil field?"

Ingrid Hannigan (radio): "Just one moment."

Helena: "What is that?"

Hannigan (radio): "OK, I've got a Chris Redfield on the line."
"Patching you through to his aircraft."

Leon: "Chris Redfield!?"

Chris Redfield (radio): "Leon? Leon, where are you?!"

Leon: "Chris! We're just outside Tatchi, why?"

Chris (radio): "Get the hell out of there!"

Helena Harper: 「これで終わったの?」

Leon S. Kennedy: 「ああ…」

Hannigan (radio): 「レオン 大変よ」
「場所は そこから80マイル沖の海底油田よ」

Leon: 「なぜ あの二人を…?」

Helena: 「記録メディア 」
「さっき シェリーから預かった…」
「…これは どういうこと?」

Leon: 「あの男だ…!」

Ingrid Hannigan (radio): 「ちょっと待って」

Helena: 「あれは…?」

Hannigan (radio): 「クリス・レッドフィールドを確認」

Leon: 「クリス・レッドフィールド?」

Chris Redfield (radio): 「レオンか? 今どこにいる!」

Leon: 「クリス! 俺たちはターチィの外れにいるが…?」

Chris (radio): 「逃げろ!」



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