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Emily Berkhoff is a BSAA operator who took part in a special operation in a mountain village in Eastern Europe. She went by the codename "Tundra" in Chris Redfield's elite unit Hound Wolf Squad.[1]


Emily was a former undercover agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration, who later joined the BSAA. Sometime before the Village Incident, she conducted recon on Miranda's plan.

In Eastern Europe, she helped her captain Chris Redfield to infiltrate the Winters' home with the goal of eliminating Miranda, a shapeshifter who had taken the guise of Mia Winters in an effort to steal the couple's daughter Rosemary Winters. Sometime later, she and other members of the team arrived at the overturned convoy carrying Miranda, discovering that the escorts had been killed and Ethan and Rose were nowhere to be found.

Emily and her unit arrived at the crash site at 11:35 AM without sighting Ethan and Rose. At 12:10 PM, they infiltrated the Village and engaged with numerous and various bioweapons. They found evidence of Ethan being in the Village, but Rose's location remained unknown. At 13:10 PM, they established a base in the church and planned an operation in which Berkhoff, Dion Wilson and John Perlman would search a laboratory nearby while the other two were assigned to analyze mold samples. Chris headed to Heisenberg's Factory.

Sometime later, she and the others maintained surveillance on Miranda at the ceremony site. They then reported her location to Redfield.

After Ethan's supposed death, they regrouped to discuss the mission objective to terminate Miranda and rescue Rose. Chris then ordered them to watch out and terminate any hostile B.O.W.

After the destruction of the village caused by Ethan, Chris ordered them to pick up the rest of their squad and plot a course to BSAA Europe HQ.



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