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Dr. Emily Love (nee Johannsen) was an Umbrella Corporation employee of the Science Division, and, following the deaths of Jim Knable and Jaime Cerota, one of the only remaining experts on the T-virus.


With Knable and Cerota both having been killed in San Francisco, Dr. Love was the only scientist left who understood the T-virus well enough to warrant an audience with the President of the United States; she explained that Umbrella was working with the CDC to mass-produce the Anti-Virus. She accompanied Tom Hoyt, who secretly thought her to be a deranged old woman, to Washington D.C., where she observed that the White House was different than it appeared on television.[1]

She was shocked to learn that the destruction of Raccoon City had not been a meltdown, but in fact a bombing designed to wipe out evidence of the viral outbreak there. Shortly thereafter, she was bitten by an infected general. Sam Isaacs later indicated in a conversation with Albert Wesker that she had died.


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