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Emma Kendo (c.1988-1998) was an American child who lived in the midwestern city of Raccoon City. The daughter of Robert Kendo, a local gun shop owner, she was one of a hundred thousand victims of the 1998 outbreak that destroyed the city.


On 24 September 1998, when a viral outbreak of the t-Virus was unleashed across the city, Emma took refuge with her parents inside the Kendo Gun Shop, since her father hoped that his friend Barry Burton would look for him, to then flee to the nearby town, Stone Ville.[1]

As the days went by, she and her mother became infected and began to succumb to the effects, forcing Robert to murder his wife due to the danger that the virus brought them. On the late night of 28 September, with her father's decision to stay with her until the end due to her condition progressively worsening, Robert refused to leave the city through an escape route with Jill Valentine.[2] By the night of 29 September, after a tense encounter with the survivors Leon Scott Kennedy and Ada Wong, Robert brought Emma back into their apartment building where he immediately killed her with his shotgun to prevent zombification.[3]

Further notes[]

  • The cutscene where Emma is featured was altered shortly before the game's release, and Robert was supposed to describe her as a ten-year-old girl. The deleted line can be datamined from the retail version, and is in the file "mes_ev_410.msg.14".
  • Although Emma did not appear physically in the Resident Evil 3 remake, her voice can be heard by the player if Jill approaches the building where Kendo enters and locks himself after his dialogue with her.



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