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End of Zoe (エンド オブ ゾイ endo obu zoi?) is a DLC campaign for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard that was released on 12 December 2017. It was originally announced prior to the game's release as a fourth DLC in the Season Pass, though its name was not revealed until TGS 2017.

A second trailer was released in October 2017, revealing that Ethan Winters chose to save Mia Winters instead of Zoe Baker and that Eveline calcified her in retaliation for helping the couple escape. However, Zoe survived and recovered when Eveline was killed, and was picked up by a man named Joe, who tells her, "We're going to fix this Zoe, you're my family".[1]


"Weeks after Not a Hero, a new danger has emerged. Jack's brother, Joe Baker, must face this danger with his bare fists and put an end to his family's suffering once and for all!"
— Extra Content menu description

After Zoe stayed behind at the pier where Ethan and Mia left her, she is calcified by Eveline in retaliation for helping them escape but survives. Ethan calls for help for Zoe, and BSAA operators in Blue Umbrella gear come to her aid. She is trapped in a crystal shape and is found by Joe, her uncle, and brother of Jack. He knocks out the soldiers and brings one to his house along with Zoe. The soldier gives the location of the cure. Joe gets the cure for E-type infection but, as it isn't a full dose, it doesn't work. The soldier informs Joe where a full dose could be and pleads to allow him to lead them there, but the "Swamp Man" burns the house down and kills the soldier. Joe and Zoe travel away on a boat to search for the cure.

Joe is able to synthesize a cure. Before Joe can administer the cure to Zoe, the Swamp Man comes and takes her into the water. Joe follows and discovers he is actually Jack Baker, having regenerated once again. The Swamp Man, now revealed to be Jack, stuffs Joe into a coffin and throws him into the water. Joe later washes up on a lake near the ruined Baker Estate, where Jack is hiding away. Joe finds a bionic arm amongst the crashed remains of Blue Umbrella-marked BSAA dinghies, and promptly wields it against several Molded in the area. Joe follows Jack's trail into the house and squares off against him, finishing him off for good. Joe administers the cure to Zoe. Several BSAA operators come in, Chris Redfield amongst them, and get them to safety.

Shortly after, Zoe receives a call from Ethan. He tells her that he kept his promise that he would help her. Zoe thanks him.



"End of Zoe" is a mini-campaign that the player progresses through until they reach the end. The mode has its own save slots and the same checkpoints and game over mechanics as the main game, and own set of loading screens. Unlike the maingame, there are no branching paths or multiple endings. When starting a new game, players can choose "Easy", "Normal", and "Joe Must Die" once it has been unlocked after completing the game on the Normal setting.


The mode has its own Stats screen.


Players control Joe Baker who has 20 inventory slots. A big gameplay difference compared to the main game is the lack of firearms and reliance on the melee system implemented for this mode.

There is also a different set of crafting materials and items the player can make. Joe can collect animals which he can eat for health. Though they come in different forms, they are all referred to as Critters in the inventory box. Joe can combine these with Chem Fluids lying around to make First Aid Meds. Critters can be found hidden in objects like fridges that must be opened; large rocks that can be turned over, or inside certain trees Joe can rip the bark off of.

Joe may also collect "Boxer Effigies" and "Champion Effigies" found throughout the game, which increase his stats so long as they are in the inventory menu.


Extreme Challenges

Extreme Challenges are unlocked after completing End of Zoe or Normal/Joe Must Die and then replaying it on Normal/Joe Must Die, with the Joe Must Die variant being called "Extreme+ Challenge". They are timed challenges in which Joe must reach the end of a specific zone before time runs out, players are able to see the time requirements for each area in the Stats menu. Using either the AMG-78a or the AMG-Dual will make the timer count down faster.

Once all Extreme Challenges (Normal) have been cleared, the player will unlock the Spirit Blade in-game and the "Crocodile Stuffed Animal" icon on RESIDENT EVIL.NET. When the Extreme+ Challenges (Joe Must Die) are cleared, the player will unlock the Infinite Weapons item in-game and the "AMG-Dual" icon on RE.NET.

If a challenge is completed, the timer will not ever appear again if players choose to replay the DLC.


The mode also has its own set of unlockable items to the player profile that spawns items in the Item Box.

Unlocked rewards appear in the Item Box.

Condition Reward
Beat the game once Alternative title screen
Complete on Easy M21 Shotgun & Shotgun Shells
Complete on Normal AMG-78a
Complete Normal Extreme Challenges Spirit Blade
Complete Joe Must Die AMG-Dual & 50 Cassette Tapes
Beat Joe Must Die Extreme+ Challenges Infinite Weapons


Area 1: Joe's House - Back Woods

  1. Leave Joe's cabin and go into the woodland. Reaching a truck you will be confronted by Molded.
  2. When all Molded are killed you can destroy a yellow door to get to the next area.
  3. At the end of the cabin hallway, collect the Cure for E-Type Infection from the BSAA operator's corpse.
  4. Fight your way back to Joe's cabin.
  5. After the cutscene, carry Zoe out the newly unlocked back door and place her in the boat to leave the area

Area 2: Base - Tent Area

  1. Carry Zoe over the hill and lie her on the sofa in the shack.
  2. Enter the Blue Umbrella research base through the gate and kill the Molded and Quick Molded inside.
  3. Destroy the yellow door and climb through a gap into the wooden house, then continue through it.
  4. Outside you will fight Jack Baker. When he is downed, destroy the nearby yellow door and he will attack again.

Area 3: Base - Swamp Beyond Medical Storage

  1. You are now travelling through the bayou. Collect Throwing Spears and throw them at nearby alligators, or try to avoid them.
  2. At the end of the swamp is the decommissioned Paddle Steamer. Before climbing the scaffolding, you can open the nearby door that leads back to the camp.
  3. At the top of the Paddle Steamer, climb the wooden stairs to reach the ship's stern. A staircase to the lower deck can be accessed, which is patrolled by a Blade Molded. When it is defeated, you can destroy the yellow door.

Area 4: Paddle Boat - Interior

  1. Explore the deck collecting items from wooden boxes. Molded; Quick Molded and Double Blade Molded patrol this deck. You can use ventilation tunnels to avoid being detected.
  2. After the yellow door you will go down the stairs and encounter more Molded to defeat. There will be more wooden boxes to collect items from. When finished, destroy the yellow door.

Area 5: Paddle Boat - Hold

  1. Press the action button on the Auto Synthesizer System to create another "Cure for E-Type Infection". This will also trigger a boss fight with Jack Baker.
  2. When Jack is injured enough, a cutscene takes place where Joe removes his head. When he is defeated, collect any items and leave through the door to get back to the camp.
  3. Approaching Zoe triggers another sequence where Jack re-appears and abducts her. Approach the boat to leave the area.

Area 6: Quarantine Area 1 - Swamp

  1. Head up the path and climb into the water. Climb under the wooden building to get to the other side.
  2. A stuffed alligator toy will surface as a red herring. A Throwing Spear should be armed at this point, as a real alligator is just behind it. If no Throwing Spear is available, Joe will have to sustain an attack, but a new Throwing Spear can be collected by turning right and climbing the decking.
  3. Leaving the house behind, climb wooden decking to get out of the water. Watch for water ripples which indicate alligators to kill or avoid, and travel to the nearest wooden decking. Continue this process until you reach hard ground at the end.

Area 7: Quarantine Area 2 - Settlement

  1. You will now cross a raised wooden area. Walk to the cabin, but watch your step, as falling into the water risks another alligator attack. Entering the cabin will trigger a Molded confrontation. When the Molded are killed, you can destroy the yellow door to get to the next area.
  2. Continue walking down the decking and take the second left. A Quick Molded will appear next to another yellow door.
  3. Inside the cabin is a Double Blade Molded, which can be defeated with a Stealth kill as it has its back to you.
  4. Head outside and defeat more Molded to break open the next yellow door.
  5. Start crossing the network of wooden decking to get to hard soil; Molded will by hiding behind wooden covers, and a Double Blade Molded will guard the last yellow door.

Area 8: Abandoned Church - Cemetery

  1. Continue up the meandering path. You will reach a cemetery. Approaching the yellow door at the end will trigger a Fat Molded encounter, and other Molded will appear from behind. It may be preferred to escape to a safer area rather than take on all three together. When the Fat Molded is downed, run away, as it explodes.
  2. Go through the yellow door and climb up the slope into the church. Approaching Zoe will trigger a cutscene where Jack knocks Joe out and throws him into the water in a coffin.

Area 9: Old House Swamp - Main House Area

  1. You will wake up without any of the items you collected. Head past the boats and up the path towards the yellow door.
  2. This door cannot be destroyed as it is made of metal rather than wood. Take a rate and go down another path. At the end there will be a Blue Umbrella raft and a box containing the Gauntlet. Defeat the Molded and use the Gauntlet to destroy the door.
  3. Climb the decking to get into the Old House. Most of the building is locked off with steel bars, so you will only have a linear route. At the front door there will be another Fat Molded, which is defeated much faster with the Gauntlet.
  4. Cross the bridge to get to the Yard. Inside a tent at the far end is an Item Box, where the player's lost items can be reclaimed.

Area 10: Main House - Hall

  1. Head through the tunnel into the Main House. Approaching Zoe in the main hall triggers the final Jack fight. Concentrate on punches to the head with the gauntlet. When Jack is sufficiently injured, Joe will destroy his skull in a cutscene.
  2. With Jack dead, walk to Zoe to finish the game.


"Play as a previously unseen member of the Baker family in a shocking additional installment of their saga. Experience the wilder side of survival horror as you fight hand-to-hand with the horrific creatures dwelling in the swamps outside of the Baker estate. Discover the ultimate fate of Zoe and witness the end of the Baker family's tragic events. "
— Marketplace description

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