End of Zoe ending is the scene in the DLC End of Zoe of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays as the ending of this DLC.


After defeating his mutated younger brother, Joe finally administers a cure for his niece, Zoe Baker. Soon after that, the Blue Umbrella soldiers have quarantined the Baker Ranch. Zoe then gets a phone call from Ethan Winters. After the cutscene, the DLC's end credit will roll.


Joe Baker: "Wake up, Zoe!

Zoe Baker: "Joe! What happened... are... are you OK?"

Joe: "I'm fine, don't you worry about me. It's all over now."

Chris Redfield: "Go go go go!"

Soldier: "Don't move! Get your hands up! Get down!"

Chris: "Weapons down. Weapons down! It's alright. You must be Zoe Baker."

Joe: "Who the hell's asking?"

Chris: "Chris Redfield. We've been looking all over for you. We're here to help."

Soldier: "You're gonna be just fine."

Zoe: "I was trapped with those monsters for 3 years—all of them trying to kill me... I can't believe it's finally over."

Joe: "Ya gotta know, deep down somewhere, they were still your family and they loved you. Especially your daddy... even in his final days."

Chris: "We found her. She's a tough kid. Yeah, of course. Hang on."
"Someone wants to speak to you."

Ethan Winters: "Zoe? Zoe, are you there?"

Zoe: "It's you! I don't believe it. You actually made it."

Ethan: "We both did."

Zoe: "You didn't forget about me."

Ethan: "I told you I'd send help. And I always keep my promises."

Zoe: "Thank you, Ethan."

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