End of Zoe opening is the scene in the DLC End of Zoe of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays as the opening of this DLC.


Three weeks after the death of Eveline, Umbrella has succeeded in developing a cure for the Mold, and built up a quarantine wall around the Baker ranch. While patrolling the other side, two soldiers in Umbrella uniforms are attacked by Joe Baker when he spots them with Zoe. He takes her and one of the Umbrella soldiers back to his cabin for interrogation.


Ethan Winters: "I had to use one of them. There's only one left."

Zoe Baker: "It's fine. It was foolish thinking I could escape."

Mia Winters: "I'm sure there's someone who can help—"

Zoe: "This is my home. Apparently, I belong here."

Ethan: "I'll send help."

Zoe: "Don't bother! There won't be anyone left to help."

Zoe: "No—Evie! Please!"

Joe Baker: "What the hell are you boys up to?"

Soldier: "That's her alright. Zoe Baker. She's still breathing. Call in to HQ."

Joe: "Did you say Zoe?"

Soldier: "Sir, do you live here?"

Joe: "What the hell's wrong with her?"
"Zoe! What in God's name have you done?"

Solider: "Stop! Stop!"

Joe: "Oh my goodness... Zoe... What the hell did they do to you?"

Soldier: "Listen to me. We're here to help."

Joe: "No, I don't believe you, boy. Tell me—what kind of help comes in a helicopter gunship."

Soldier: "You don't know what you're talkin' about. You don't get it!"

Joe: "With all these monsters runnin' around here. Tell me—where'd they come from?"

Soldier: "It's not what you think. You don't understand!"

Joe: "Oh, I don't understand?"
"You see that girl back there? Look!"
"That there my brother's little girl. My niece. You understand? And around here, family is a righteous cause! And you ain't gonna kill my family!"
"Now see, that ain't somethin' I can abide."

Soldier: "For fuck's sake. She's infected—she's dying—and we're both gonna fuckin' die if we don't get the fuck outta here right now!"

Joe: "She ain't dead yet, boy! So I figure you better do something about it. Before I feed you to your little friends outside."

Soldier: "OK, OK!"
"There's a cure."

Joe: "You're lying to me."

Soldier: "I'm not lying... I'm not lying. We were on our way to get her treatment, and you fucked that up when you jumped us! They're probably still waiting for us right now!"

Joe: "Where?"

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