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End of the Line (終着点 shūchaku-ten?) is the final mission in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's U.S.S. campaign. The objective is to kill Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield to retrieve Sherry Birkin.


U.S.S. Command contacts the members of Delta team (Codename: Wolfpack), telling them that their request to pursue priority target Leon S. Kennedy has been granted by Management. Mid-transmission, Command intercepts a distress signal coming from Lonsdale Yard being sent by Kennedy himself. Command tells the Wolfpack that Leon is accompanied by Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin, the daughter of Umbrella biologist and G-Virus creator/victim William Birkin. If they want extraction from the city, they will have to put an end to the survivors and obtain Birkin's daughter for analysis of the G-virus living inside her.

Delta team subdues the targets but after a last ditch effort to convince the Wolfpack of Umbrellas treachery Leon turns the Wolfpack on each other. One half believing that following Umbrellas orders is the only way to escape the city, and the others believing that Leon being alive is the only thing keeping the Wolfpack from being expendable.

Ending: Death of a Hero

After defeating the traitors to Umbrella and Leon himself, Claire huddles over a dead Leon with Sherry close by. Claire stands, pleading with her eyes as the player takes aim at her head with their side-arm. The screen fades to black as the player pulls the trigger. It is assumed that the remaining U.S.S Delta team members take Sherry into Umbrella custody and are evacuated from the city, although it is not known as the game simply ends with the shot.

Ending: Death to Umbrella

After deciding that they would most likely be killed by Umbrella at their missions end, the members of the Wolfpack who stood by Leon in battle defeated their comrades. Contacting U.S.S. Command and informing them of their possession of the survivors, the Delta team defectors tried to negotiate triple price for the delivery of the targets. Command was outraged, and refused the deal immediately. Much to the shock of Leon and Claire, the former Wolfpack members let them live, going as far as to say they would "gut Umbrella from the inside". It is unclear if/how the player escapes Raccoon City, or if this is the intended ending for this game. However, it should be noted that fighting with Leon may give the player advantage, just by numbers.



Shipping/Train Yard battle

  • If you cant get Leon away from his snipers nest, (he runs away after taking a set amount of damage) try the Anti-Materiel Rifle. 3 headshots on normal send him running for cover.
    • Your team could also have two snipers, position one near the ammo case and antiviral spray, and the other between the gap in the train cars (near where the cutscene with the zombies and laser trip mines is triggered). It takes more hits with other rifles, but with two a team could easily get Leon moved for the dash to cover
  • On higher difficulties, its best to ignore Leon. Instead, use his choice of weapon to your advantage. His sniper rifle is slow to aim, split up and run for cover.
    • A good (albeit, cheap) way to get closer to the ladder is to take cover behind the low lying fence surrounding where the SPEC OPS are. Using the Advanced SMG or other gun with high blood frenzy, continually cause the soldiers to bleed. This will keep the infinite stream of crimson heads and zombies distracted so your team can either pick off the rest of the (also infinite stream) SPEC OPS.
      • To get the zombies to actually attack the enemy for you, one player needs to get close enough to the gate to trigger Leon's audio cue "So, you guys are Umbrella huh?..." The gate is then opened and the flood of zombies can reach the soldiers you put in blood frenzy.
  • Having a player play as FOUR EYES with the attraction pheromone skill is also invaluable here. This allows one to virtually drown the Spec Ops team guarding Leon in Crimson Heads while the rest of the team either throws grenades at both the team and the Crimson Head horde to kill two birds with one stone, or make a great distraction for one to sprint for the ladder and trigger the finale.
  • If all else fails, make a break for that ladder. If one team member gets 3-5 steps up on the ladder, the finale is triggered. This method can be made more

Finale battle

  • There are weapons cases all over the arena, the one closest to the "Umbrella loyalist" Side contains a Mob Special while others contain Grenade Launchers and Precision Rifles.
    • Use the Mob Special to mow down your former teammates, then grab the Precision rifle to get some quick pop up shots on Leon. Switch to a pistol or even the grenade launcher and blast him with some blind fire.

Further notes

  • This is the second time that a shipping container crane has blocked a path/caused problems for a game's protagonists. The first was in Resident Evil 5; Chapter 6-1 on the Ship Deck when a Majini dropped a cage on Sheva (or Chris).
  • In Claire's cutscene (and in gameplay), she is using the ORC default grenade launcher and not her signature M79 from Resident Evil 2.


Weapons that can be found during the mission:

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Found during the mission: