End of the Road is a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is played during the fifth chapter of "Operation Javier", and serves as the "bad" ending for that scenario.


Manuela Hidalgo dies from blood loss after the fight with her father and V-Complex.


Manuela Hidalgo: "I'm losing too much blood. Maybe... Maybe it's for the best. For this way, I will never lose soul."

Leon S. Kennedy: "Manuela..."

Manuela: "Thank you, Leon."

Leon (Monologue): "Why did Manuela never loses her conscience? Was it something genetic? Or was she sustained by this land that's so rich with life? The virus continues to grow. Altering its form, strengthening perpetually. until the day it can be destroyed... In our bodies... in our souls."

Manuela Hidalgo: 「血を使い果たしてしまった…」
「これで… よかったのよ」
「これ以上    心を失わなくて済むから」

Leon S. Kennedy: 「マヌエラ」

Manuela: 「ありがとう レオン」

Leon (Monologue): 「彼女が心を持ち続けたのは    なぜだ?」
「形を変え    より強さを増しながら――」
「人の体の中で… 人の心の中で…」

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