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See also: End of the Road (Degeneration OST) and End of The Road (Darkside Chronicles OST)
"The countdown to destruction had begun, yet hope remained. As confusion and anarchy tore the city apart, the time had come to stand up and fight."
— In-game description

"End of the road", known in Japan as Breakthrough (突破Toppa?). is the fifth and final story scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. Its objective is to escape Raccoon City with or without the cure. The level was completed from combining several unfinished levels together, using the sewers from scenario "R004", city assets from "R006", and a lab from "R016".


It is the early hours of 1 October 1998. Captain Rodriguez, a rogue USS operator, is ready to abandon Raccoon City in a Chinook carrying a stolen B.O.W. His passenger, Dr. Linda Baldwin, refuses to go just yet, and rushes to the Umbrella R&D Center to obtain an antiretroviral drug that could be of use in halting the spread of the t-Virus. At the center, survivor David King saves an Umbrella researcher, Dr. Carter, from a Zombie as the experimental Hunter Rs start escaping from containment. Dr. Baldwin arrives and obtains the sample she needs, but with the facility on lockdown due to the escaped B.O.W.s, they can not escape. Dr. Carter begins work on activating Tyrant R, intent on using it to kill the Hunters to allow for escape. Dr. Carter boasts being able to kill the Tyrant should it rebel, possessing a trigger to a bomb planted within its body. The Tyrant does indeed rebel soon after, but succeeds in killing him and sending Dr. Baldwin and the sample falling into the water treatment plant below. 

King's survivors escape the facility and travel into the water treatment plant, where they find Dr. Baldwin, who tells them that the virus spreading around was created by Umbrella. An influx of water begins to flow through the facility, sweeping Dr. Baldwin down the sewers. She gets out outside the Apple Inn, where she is mistaken for a Zombie and shot by UBCS team leader Arnold, who has orders by Umbrella to kill Captain Rodriguez and recover the B.O.W. he stole. The other survivors get out of the water treatment plant, while Captain Rodriguez is willing to take the survivors with them, he is waiting for Dr. Baldwin, and they go out looking for her.

The scenario's plot deviates between the player choices after reaching the surface. While exploring, a timer will eventually appear, as the UBCS and Captain Rodriguez receive orders to evacuate the city ahead of the approaching missiles. They may recover Dr. Baldwin and take her back to the Chinook as Tyrant R begins another attack, or choose to abandon her and save themselves, as Captain Rodriguez will not wait any longer when the timer runs out. If the player succeeds succeed, the Chinook flies the survivors out of the city as it is bombed.

If the player refuses or fails to get to the Chinook, they will instead head to an Office building used by the UBCS as their base, and which leads to the highway overpass where Army trucks can be commandeered. In this turn of events, the Chinook is shot at and drops its B.O.W. cargo on the overpass, with the creature - Nyx - escaping and killing the UBCS operators. The survivors, with Dr. Baldwin if the player wishes, travel to the highway overpass and kill Nyx, which has now absorbed the Tyrant into its being. Upon its defeat, they commandeer a truck and drive out of the city as it is destroyed.


Umbrella R&D Center[]

Advance through the corridor. In Central Passage 1, follow the path below and check the panel that is beside the corpse. Memorize the three numbers covered in blood and continue down the hallway. Take the next door on the right to get to the East Passage 1. Now head to the Reference room. Grab the Examination Room Key, memorize the compound's map by checking the computer and make your way back to the Waiting room and use the Examination Room Key to enter the Examination room. Linda will be present in this room, and she'll tell you to find Carter. Go to the door at the back.

Go to the end of the hallway, there you'll find a panel. Insert the match code by the three numbers you have memorized previously to reveal a passage, but the code is randomized so you'll need to retry several times. Take the door prior to this passage into the West passage. Go down the path and enter the same code on the panel to be revealed another passage. Continue to the penultimate hall door to get to the Laser Emission Room. Check the computer next to the glass and select " Yes" to disable the lasers.

Go back to the first passage and enter the first door. Head quickly so that the lasers do not activate before you go through the Laser Emission Room beyond the thick glass. Go through the door to the right. You will be on Central Passage 3. Grab the ID Card Lv1 next to the fire. Now you'll be able to access any security doors which requires the ID Card Lv1. Use the card to enter the " Experimentation chamber". From now you can replace the ID Card Lv1 for any other item. Follow this room, taking care not to touch the lasers. Go up the stairs and enter the Observation Mezzanine where you can find Carter. He will ask you to bring an encrypted MO Disk, which can be found on the desk behind him. Enter the next door to find a typewriter to save your progress.

Go down the stairs, Follow the path down and enter the double door. Advance through the hallway and enter the next door into the Mainframe room. Use the MO Disk on the machinery to turn it into MO Disk (Code A).

Return to the Observation Mezzanine room and use it on the machine next to the table to turn it into MO Disk (Code B). Give the item to Carter and see the following cutscene when the Tyrant is awaken. After the scene, return to the East Passage 1. Proceed to the East Passage 3 along with the Tyrant who serves as your temporary ally, killing any Hunter R you encounter, cross the corridor and take the last door (with red light). You should find a Nursery room where a crowbar is present. Grab it and use it on a wall that looks weak. Inside is a room with a Grenade Launcher Model.

Proceed down the hall to see a scene. Now the Tyrant will turn against you; it is advisable to evade him all along since you probably have not enough ammo. Take the ID Card Lv2 from Carter's corpse and return through the door in the back. Go quickly to where you found the Model Grenade Launcher. Run down the path, use the card in the panel and enter. You will be in Passage in front of elevator. Cross the hallway. Go through the next door into the Draining Area.


A scene will play where Linda is found unconscious at the bottom of the Draining Area. Continue along the path until the Tyrant appears in front of you. Evade him at all costs and head to the other side.

Continue through the next door. You should find the Bomb Switch lying around the ground. With this weapon you can overthrow the Tyrant, but it will alter the course of the scenario. If you do that, you have to perform a few extra tasks in the sewers and confront the Tyrant R early. If you choose not to kill him now, keep it in your inventory. Cross the bridge and enter the door to the Floodgate Control Room. Push the first box up toward the yellow circle. When the floor collapsed, drop down the hole.

Beware not to get poisoned by giant spider infesting the basements. Right now, your current objective is to reunite with Linda through the basements and caves circling the underground section. Once you find Linda, approach her to see a conversation scene. Eventually the sewers will be flooded, and you'll need to look for another way to escape. You should find a Valve Handle around the place where Linda was. Take it and bring it to an emergency ladder. Below the ladder is a hole to place the valve in. Put it into the hole and operate it to get the ladder down.

Raccoon City streets[]

Climb the ladder to reach the Main Street South. Head to the dark passageway and the Tyrant will appear. You can either choose to kill him using firearms, the Bomb Switch, or simply escape him. Once you escape/kill the Tyrant R, go to Main Street North and ascend the sidewalk right next to the stairs. go up the stairs and cross the bridge. You'll eventually see a cutscene where Linda is being injured by a sniper.

Once you regain control of the character again, you should be very careful. From here on, the grounds will be scattered by landmines, exploding when the character steps on it. You should find a Mine Detector prior to the landmines-infested area. This item will beep when a mine is near, so it is advisable to equip it during the course of the game. Enter through the gray door to get to the Office Building Warehouse. Ascend the stairs and enter the door. When progressing through the hallway you will see another scene.

When the scene ends, you must make a decision. A countdown will begin and you will have to choose between two options. First, head to the helicopter before the time runs out and finish the scenario without having to battle the final boss. Second, wait until the timer finish counting. If you choose the first option, go to the helicopter as soon as possible while evading any enemies you encounter. If you choose the second option, either intentionally missed the helicopter or do not make it in time, you'll face the final boss.

You can also bring Linda with you, either to the second choice or the first one. If you head directly to the Apple Inn, you should find her there, but the grounds will once again filled with landmines so be careful. With Linda or not, if you missed the helicopter, go back to the Office Building and head to the roof. You should be able to jump to the highway near the roof by pressing the X button at the right time and bash it to help the character to get up.

Proceed forward to battle the final boss, Nyx, a combined abomination of zombies and monsters. The creature is both dangerous in the front and the back, due to its ability to utilize its tentacles and slime bombs as deadly weapons. The fastest way to kill Nyx is using the Rocket Launcher (or Magnum, if you find the latter). By dealing massive damage, it'll eventually kneel and expose its mutated heart. Use the Rocket Launcher or the Magnum to defeat Nyx (the Rocket Launcher will finish it off by one shot). When Nyx die, if Linda is present, go to where you jumped to get here and use the nearby board to form a bridge. Bring Linda and enter the truck to finish the scenario.


  • David King - Appears whether part of your team or not. Not having David in your team will result him being zombiefied.
  • Carter - An Umbrella researcher, killed by Tyrant.
  • Linda - An Umbrella Researcher.
  • Arnold
  • Rodriguez - An USS soldier ordered to evacuate any remaining Umbrella employees out of the city.
  • Dustin
  • Tommy Nielsen
  • Conrad - Zombie
  • Laura - Zombie
  • Nicolas - Zombie

Event checklist[]

  1. Used Mo disk (Code A) (30pts)
  2. Used MO disk (Code B) (40pts)
  3. Opened electromagnetic shutter (20pts)
  4. Opened shutter 1 with passcode (20pts)
  5. Opened shutter 2 with passcode (20pts)
  6. Pried duct cover with crowbar (20pts)
  7. Used dummy grenade (40pts)
  8. Killed all Hunter mu (20pts)
  9. Saw "Finding Linda" scene (20pts)
  10. Destroyed crate in experimental chamber(30pts)
  11. Activated water flow (30pts)
  12. Put hole in floor in fidget. Room (20pts)
  13. Processed valve handle (20pts)
  14. Saw "The Noose Tightens" scene (20pts)
  15. Saw "Brutality of Tyrant" scene (20pts)
  16. Blew up Tyrant (30pts)
  17. Blew up Tyrant R (40pts)
  18. Located mines with detector (20pts)
  19. Blew up Nyx (50pts)
  20. Defeated Nyx (40pts)
  21. Saw "Up and Away" scene (30pts)
  22. Saw "Up and Away With Linda" scene (40pts)
  23. Saw "Run Like the Wind" scene (30pts)
  24. Saw "Run Like the Linda" scene (40pts)
  25. Linda survived (50pts)
  26. Spoke with Linda in exam room (20pts)
  27. Spoke with Carter in experimental room (30pts)
  28. Spoke with Rodriguez in chopper (30pts)
  29. Used examination room key (20pts)
  30. Used ID card Level 1 (20pts)
  31. Used ID card Level 2 (20pts)
  32. Obtained "Internal memo" (10pts)
  33. Obtained "Settings screen" (10pts)
  34. Obtained "Experiment file" (10pts)
  35. Obtained "Researcher's journal" (10pts)
  36. Obtained "Memo to Carter" (10pts)
  37. Obtained "Memo scrap" (10pts)
  38. Obtained "CTS manual" (10pts)
  39. Obtained "Written orders" (10pts)
  40. Obtained "Reagent file" (10pts)
  41. Obtained "Experiment participants" (10pts)
  42. Obtained "Delivery permit" (10pts)
  43. Obtained "Raccoon Today" (10pts)
  44. Obtained "Daily Raccoon" (10pts)
  45. Obtained "Money Scoop" (10pts)

Further notes[]

  • In the Special Research Room, there is a Model Grenade Launcher. If you are playing as David or have him as your partner, he can turn the item into a real Grenade Launcher, loaded with three Burst rounds.
  • A special item called Umbrella Uniform can be picked up if you are playing as Yoko. When examined, Yoko will comment on how the item reminded her of something.
    • Another one of Yoko's special items is an Old Photo. When examined, Yoko states that it was apparently taken in a lab, and sees Monica in the picture. However, she does not remembers the photo ever being taken.
  • End of the Road is unique in being the only Outbreak stage which was developed after the release of the first game. While many levels were trimmed down to make it to launch, End of the Road was created out of the merger of several unfinished stages along with an original section that would end the game in Raccoon's destruction, something originally only planned for "Decisions, Decisions".






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