Ending (Claire 2nd) (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It is the ending scene to Claire (2nd run)



Sherry: Claire!

Claire: It's OK, I'm here. We are getting outta here!

Claire: So what's the first thing you wanna do when we get outta here?

Sherry: I want to see where you live.

Claire: Good, cause I...need to take a shower.

Sherry: Yeah...

Claire: Really? That bad...oh, yeah...

Leon: Claire.

Claire: Leon! It's so good to see you.

Leon: I told you we'd make it, didn't I?

Claire: You did.

Leon: Who's this?

Claire: This...? This is Sherry.

Leon: OK.

Claire: What was that?

Leon: I don't know.

Claire: You stay here with Sherry. I'm gonna go check it out.

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