Ending (tentative) is a cutscene in Desperate Escape DLC for Resident Evil 5. It cannot be viewed in the Library.


Doug flies over in his BSAA helicopter to pick up Josh and Jill. Getting out to fend of majini, he is killed by a missile. Josh takes command of the chopper. He and Jill escape the Majini and the missile. They head to Chris and Sheva in the volcano.


Doug: "Sorry to keep waiting, Ms. Valentine. Oh, and you too, Josh."
Josh: "Jill!"
Doug: "Josh! C'mon, move it!"
Josh: "Come on! We are clear!"
Doug: "You don't have to tell me twice!"
Josh: "Doug!"
"I will fly! Cover us!"
Jill: "On it!"
"Nice flying!"
Josh: "Doug... he would have done better."
Jill: "I'm sorry, Josh."
"He was... He was a brave soldier."
Josh: "He was... my friend."
"And if we don't help Sheva and Chris, he will have died for nothing."
Jill: "You're right."
"Let's go see if we can help them."

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