"Ending" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene plays directly after Coup de grâce.


As the alarms for the self-destruct sequence are blaring within the building, Billy Coen, while aiming his magnum revolver at the Queen Leech, tells her to "feast on this" before firing. The bullet then managed to completely shred the already weakened Queen Leech upon impact, with its remains then falling down the elevator shaft as it collapsed. These remains then fell straight into the explosion as the self-destruct goes off. As the explosions grow stronger, Rebecca tries to get to Billy. Billy then tells Rebecca to hurry and get out of the building as the debris are falling down. It then cuts to the outside of the Umbrella Executive Training Center which then violently explodes.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Billy arrive at a cliff, with Billy taking the opportunity to discard his handcuffs over the cliff before proceeding to lie down on the ground. Rebecca then notices a mansion down below, and recognizes it as being the same mansion that Enrico Marini had earlier alluded to, with Billy sitting back up upon noticing it. Rebecca then snatches his dogtags before admitting it may be time to say goodbye, citing that officially, Lt. Billy Coen is dead, with Billy jokingly saying that he's a zombie now. Before going their separate ways, Billy and Rebecca exchanged a salute. As Billy watches her go, he gave a thumbs up and quietly thanks her. It then pans down to the Spencer Mansion and ominously focuses on a spider web on a branch, foreshadowing what's to come.


BILLY: Hey, queeny! Feast on this!
Rebecca! Hurry!

REBECCA: Hey. That must be the old mansion that Enrico was talking about. I guess it's time to say goodbye. Officially, Lieutenant Billy Coen is dead.

BILLY: Yeah, I'm just a zombie now.
Thank you, Rebecca.

ビリー: おい! 化け物野郎!
レベッカ! 逃げろ!

レベッカ: ねえ
あれが 隊長が言ってた洋館だわ
もう 行かなくちゃ

ビリー: 俺もゾンビの仲間入りってわけだ
ありがとう レベッカ


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