The Engine Room is a location for Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 6-3.


Engine Room (10)

The first control panel for the bulkhead.

From the starting position, player can head left and approach the Majini which will burst in flame. There's a green herb on the walkway. Jump down until player encounter another Majini. An Incendiary Grenade can be found there. Player can climb up the ladder, make their way to the first control panel and pull the lever. Another green herb can be found near the lever. While waiting for the bulkhead to open, player must fight a group of Majini. As the bulkhead is open, another group of Majini will attempt to attack from the front side. Player can snipe all visible enemies before jumping across the gap to enter the next area.

Engine Room (13)

As player open this bulkhead, two reaper will hatch from their eggs.

After jumping to the next area, player can find a flash grenade and green herb. There will be two Majini equipped with Rocket Launcher firing from the left side of the area. Killing this two Majini will drop the Dead Bride's Necklace. Before opening the next bulkhead, player can explore the area, collecting available items on two small rooms which is located on the upper walkway:

  • The small room on the left: First Aid Spray, Proximity Bombs
  • The small room on the right: Nitrogen Round, Red Herb

Once done, active the next two control panels to open the second bulkhead.

Engine Room (19)

Two Gatling Gun Majini.

As the bulkhead about to reopen, two reapers will hatch from their eggs at the same time. They will drop Power Stone, if player able to defeat them. As soon as the bulkhead opens, two Gatling Gun Majini will appear to attack. The Gatling Gun Majini will also be assisted by a group of Majini armed with grenades and stun rod. Player must defeat the Gatling Gun Majini to obtain the Hangar keycard A and Hangar keycard B which can be used to unlocked the exit. Player can use the machine-gun turret which is located on the left side of the area to defeat the Gatling Gun Majini.

The next exit leads to the Hangar.


Location Localization Action Original script
The door to the hangar which require two keycards Looks like we need two keycards... Investigate
Obtained the Hangar keycard A Picked up Hangar keycard A. -
Obtained the Hangar keycard B Picked up Hangar keycard B. -




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