"Ammo packed with extra gunpowder, making it more powerful. Change ammo: (aim) + (inventory)"
— Inventory description

Enhanced Handgun Ammo (強装弾 kyōsōdan?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Enhanced Handgun Ammo can be used with the G17 Handgun, M19 Handgun, MPM Handgun, and the Albert-01 handguns. It is made by either combining Strong Chem Fluid and Gunpowder, which creates 10 bullets; or by combing Gunpowder and 10 regular Handgun Ammo, which gives 5 bullets. 20 Enhanced Handgun Bullets will stack in one inventory space.

Using any gun with it will make them do more damage but recoil more.

Main game


In Nightmare is made available to craft for after the player unlocks the "Enhanced Handgun Ammo" reward by accumulating 1,000,000 Points. 10 bullets are crafted at a time starting at 150 Scrap and increases by 100 for every next purchase.

Ethan Must Die


It is recommended that these rounds are saved for bosses and stronger enemies.


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