"Enrico" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1]


Exploring the laboratory, Rebecca Chambers walks down a hallway toward the A-2 elevator. The elevator makes an abrupt stop and she quickly hides in a corner. The man exiting the elevator is Enrico Marini. The two discuss the current location of Billy Coen and Enrico urges Rebecca to regroup with Bravo Team and head to the Spencer Mansion. Rebecca tells Enrico that she has to find Billy first and he reluctantly agrees. Rebecca later recalls the event and says that it was the last time she saw Enrico.


REBECCA: Don't shoot! You're alive.

ENRICO: Are you OK, Rebecca?

REBECCA: Where is everybody?

ENRICO: They should've arrived here before me. Haven't you seen them? That's unfortunate. If we go straight from here, we should arrive at an old mansion which Umbrella uses for research. Come on. Let's go.

REBECCA: Wait! I've got to find Billy.

ENRICO: Billy Coen? You mean you found that criminal?

REBECCA: Yes. But we got separated and-

ENRICO: No point worrying about him. He won't make it. Come on, let's go.

REBECCA: Sir, please. I need to find him. Don't worry, I'll catch up with you.

ENRICO: Rebecca... All right. Just be careful.

REBECCA: I never saw him again.

レベッカ: 待って!

エンリコ: 生きていたのか レベッカ!

レベッカ: 皆はどこに?

エンリコ: 俺より先に ここへ来たはずだが…
ここを行けば 古い洋館に着くはず
行くぞ レベッカ

レベッカ: 待って! ビリーを探さなきゃ!

エンリコ: ビリー・コーエン?

レベッカ: ええ
でも はぐれてしまって

エンリコ: どうせ助かりやしない…
さあ 来るんだ

レベッカ: でも 隊長…
私 やっぱり探します

エンリコ: レベッカ…!
…分かった 十分に気をつけろ

レベッカ: それが…

Further notes

  • In the original script, Enrico mentions that the underground laboratory leads to an old mansion, but he never talks about Umbrella conducting research there. The localization assumes that Enrico was already aware of this fact.
  • In the official localization, Enrico refers to Billy as a "criminal". In the original script, he is more specific and calls him a "condemned man" or "convict on death row" (死刑囚 shikeishū?).


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