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Enrico Marini (エンリコ・マリーニ Enriko Marīni?) was the Vice-Captain of the Special Tactics And Rescue Service under Captain Albert Wesker, and the team leader of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team.[1][4] A veteran known for his "impervious" mental strength, Enrico was a competent and capable mission leader.[5][notes 1] He was of a clement nature and was well-respected by his subordinates.[1]


On July 23, 1998, Enrico and his Bravo team squad were sent to Raccoon Forest to investigate a series of homicides in the region that had been occurring for weeks. The team was forced to crash-land when their helicopter encountered an unknown technical failure, likely deliberate. [notes 2]

Enrico kept his team together and lead them to do surveillance of the area. It was here they found the wreckage of a Military Police van, along with the mangled corpses of the two MP officers and a document identifying a death-row prisoner; Billy Coen. After reading about the atrocious mass murder for which he was given the death sentence at a nearby military base, Enrico deduced that Billy himself was responsible for the deaths of the officers and decided to lead a manhunt for the escaped convict.[5]

Two of his teammates – Rebecca Chambers and Edward Dewey – were separated from the rest of the group by the Cerberus pack, though Enrico managed to keep in contact with Rebecca via radio. Rebecca later caught up with Enrico in an abandoned factory.

Enrico informed her that the rest of Bravo team rendezvoused at an abandoned mansion. Enrico asked Rebecca to follow him to the mansion to join up with the rest of the team. Rebecca, however, refused, telling him she had found, but lost Coen, and assured him that she would be safe.

Bravo team found the mansion teeming with Zombies and B.O.W.s running amok; causing the team to scatter. After being wounded, Enrico fled to the underground caves, along the way finding abandoned documentation that revealed a member of the S.T.A.R.S. unit was a traitor in Umbrella's employ. Enrico was able to ascertain that the traitor was from Alpha Team.

When he was lying in the sanctuary of the tunnels, Alpha team marksman Chris Redfield found him. Raising his gun to a surprised Chris and accusing him of being a double-crosser, he did not see Wesker, the actual traitor, who snuck around from behind the corner, and fatally shot him. His last word: "", gave Chris a hint as to who was behind all the trouble at the Spencer Mansion. Chris also ended up disturbed at Enrico's hint that there was a mole on the Alpha Team.


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